Thursday, December 31, 2015

Daily Kos Poll: Bernie Sanders humiliates Hillary Clinton

Daily Kos Straw Poll for Democratic Primary

Since Markos Moulitsas (nicknamed "Kos") founded the liberal website Daily Kos in May 2002, it has had over 215,000 registered users and over 2.5 million unique viewers per month.

In 2004 Moulitsas endorsed former Vermont Governor Howard Dean for President. Dean is now the former chair of the DNC and founder of the political action group, Democracy for America, a progressive group that recently endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders — the co-founder of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. (Nowadays, Howard Dean spends his time on the cable news station MSNBC showering Hillary with compliments when he's not working for a lobbyist).

In June 2006 Daily Kos organized the first political blogger convention called YearlyKos and featured appearances by prominent Democrats such as Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Wesley Clark and Howard Dean. In August 2007 it was announced that future conventions would be known as the progressive-leaning Netroots Nation. In 2008, the conference was held in Austin, Texas, with a surprise visit from Al Gore. This year Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders appeared at the Phoenix, Arizona convention — but Hillary Clinton was M.I.A.

Two day ago Markos Moulitsas posted an interesting article at the Daily Kos, which included a straw poll for the Democratic primaries. As of this post, with 16,660 total votes on this poll so far...

  • Bernie Sanders received 72% of the votes with 12,050 votes.
  • Hillary Clinton received 26% of the votes with 4,317 votes
  • Other (1%) with 164 votes
  • No Freaking Clue (1%) with 182 votes

Not just most, but every single online poll shows Bernie Sanders as the clear winner — including polls at Fox News. Most people just seem to prefer Bernie (a man of the people), despite what most of the media/corporate sponsored polls say. Speaking of which, even a recent Quinnipac poll shows Bernie Sanders has a better chance than Hillary Clinton of beating the GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

Who will the founder of the Daily Kos (Markos "Kos" Moulitsas) endorse this time around?

Bernie beats Trump by wider margins than Clinton


  1. The media/corporate sponsored polls are here:

  2. Howard Dean has been pimping really hard for Hillary Clinton. Both yesterday and today he was on MSNBC and said Bill Clinton was the best president we've had since FDR. That is total bull$sit. Bernie Sanders is often compared to FDR, and neither Bill nor Hillary can compare to Bernie Sanders. Howard Dean, working as a lobbyist these days, might be expecting some good payback from Hillary if she is ever elected president. I can't stand people like Howard Dean who would sell their soul to the devil for personal gain, screwing over millions of average people.