Monday, February 22, 2016

Blacks can Dream, or they can Vote for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton: She's got your back!

Blacks should vote for Hillary Clinton, so she can continue Obama's legacy for another 8 years — and do just what Obama did for Blacks over the past 7 years...which was?

Blacks should vote for Hillary Clinton, so she can also continue her husband's legacy for another 8 more years — and do just what he did for Blacks...which was?

Blacks should vote for Hillary Clinton because she promised reparations to all Blacks (didn't she?)

All Blacks should vote for Hillary Clinton because (without making any promises she can't keep) she will do all of the following:

  • Create millions of jobs for unemployed Black youth with infrastructure spending.
  • Raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for Blacks currently struggling to pay for rent and food.
  • Repeal drug and 3-strike laws (that her husband signed) sending Blacks to prisons.
  • Repeal trade deals  (that her husband signed) that offshored millions of jobs, depriving Blacks of work.
  • Create tuition-free colleges for impoverished Black youth.
  • Repeal welfare reforms (that her husband signed) that hurt Blacks.
  • Repeal bankruptcy laws (that her husband signed) the hurt Blacks.
  • Give healthcare to all Blacks without expensive premiums or co-pays.
  • Increase the Social Security cap so retired and disabled Blacks will have better benefits.
  • Repeal banking laws (that her husband signed) that helped crashed the economy in 2008, hurting Blacks more than anyone else.

Oh, wait a minute...oops! I forgot! Those are all the things that Bernie Sanders says he wants to accomplish if he's elected President, but he says he will need the help of millions of people (including Blacks) in a political revolution.

But then again, Hillary Clinton claims she is "a progressive who can get things done" for Blacks. Maybe that's because Hillary gets along so well with all of those reasonable Republicans in Congress, who just love her much, they want to hug her. Hillary doesn't believe Black people need any damn revolution.

Hillary Clinton isn't a "dreamer" — she is "pragmatic" — and will make small incremental changes that aren't "pie-in-the-sky ideas" — not like those of FDR, JFK, MLK, LBJ or Bernie Sanders. With a President like Hillary, we wouldn't have had the New Deal, Social Security, the Civil Rights Act or Medicare — all BOLD ideas inspired by truly "progressive" values — even when battling mainly Republican opposition.

And with Hillary, we never would have went to the moon either — because that would be like "selling Unicorns and Fairy Dust". But Bernie Sanders is reaching for the moon, with bold ideas that we can get accomplished, despite the pessimistic naysayers who always say "No we can't." We might not acquire all of Bernie's dreams overnight, but they are doable if we start now. Hillary doesn't inspire; she doesn't dream about anything except for getting herself and her husband back in the White House again.

So if Blacks were happy with the progress of the last 40 years, then yes, Blacks should vote for Hillary Clinton ... for another 8 years of steady "progress".

Or they can dream, and vote for Bernie Sanders.


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(* The content of this ad was paid for by the greatest "change maker" Bill Clinton has ever known.)


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