Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sen. Harry Reid helps Rig Nevada Democratic Caucus

I've lived in Las Vegas and worked in the casinos since 1989 — and I've learned that most of the billionaire casino owners, the labor union leaders and the politicians are all in bed together — and they are as corrupt as any Mafioso crime family from Sicily. This is exactly what Bernie Sanders's campaign was all about, and these corrupt politicos and billionaires were all out to take him down yesterday.

Working with union leaders and casino bosses, Senator Harry Reid helped rig the Nevada caucus to favor Hillary Clinton.

Jon Ralston / USA Today (February 20, 2016):

I’d like to congratulate the winner of the Nevada Democratic caucus: Harry Reid. The story of the Nevada caucus is that a lame-duck senator and a self-neutered union conspired to revive the Clinton campaign in a remarkable bit of backroom maneuvering that helped Madame Secretary crush Sanders in Clark County, the key to winning almost any statewide election. [Because the city of Las Vegas with all the big casinos are in Clark County.] The senator decided he would single-handedly save the state for Clinton. A gamble? Yes. But like going all-in with a straight flush. And it paid off.

I've followed Jon Ralston for years. He probably knows as much as anybody today about the inside jobs in Las Vegas. And when I used to work in the casinos, there were plenty of old-timers who longed for the days of the mob, before the big corporations came in and took over. Of course, the politicians were just as corrupt back then too. They don't call it "Sin City" just because of the gambling or illegal prostitution — you have to go to another country to visit a legal brothel. One even supports Hillary Clinton: "Hookers 4 Hillary".

Take this poll: "If the Democratic political machine pulls any more dirty tricks to favor Hillary Clinton during the primary, what will you do if she becomes the Democratic nominee if you are currently a supporter of Bernie Sanders? Will you vote for Hillary instead? Or vote for any Republican? Or not vote at all?"

Harry Reid pals around with the big casino bosses in Nevada — including attending prize fights with MGM owner Kirk Kerkorian (pictured below). Why does someone pal around with people they're suppose to tax and regulate — and prosecute when they break the law? They don't. They're too big to jail.

Harry Reid and Kirk Kerkorian

There are hundreds of articles like the ones below...Google them.

  • The Guardian: How China's Macau crackdown threatens big US casino moguls. Exclusive: Investigation reveals how gambling giants made billions against backdrop of triads, vice and corruption in ‘Vegas of the east’
  • Huffington Post: Las Vegas Sands Under Investigation For Corruption, Admits Violations 'Likely' (Sheldon Adelson gave millions to get Mitt Romney elected.)

Winning Culinary Local 226 union votes on Las Vegas Blvd (The Strip) was crucial to Hillary winning Las Vegas, which was crucial to winning Nevada. Harry Reid knows this. And some casino owners allowed Hillary in the back of the house in the employee cafeteria and work stations to solicit votes from employees, and I'm guessing, most notably female Latino housekeepers — because they make up the largest number of employees in the largest departments in all the hotel/casinos. And Harry Reid knows this. The union knows this. The casino owners know this. Everybody in Las Vegas knows this.

Senator Bernie Sanders just got stabbed in the back by Senator Harry Reid. Now everybody knows that too.

Latino Culinary Union Local 226 workers (mostly female) cheering for Hillary. Out of uniform, we can only guess what department they work in. Maybe Hillary and Harry know.


  1. SEIU distributed fliers in Nevada falsely claiming #HillaryClinton supports $15/hr min wage

  2. Source for delegate numbers:

  3. Without Harry Reid and the union employees at those casinos on the Strip, Hillary might very well have lost Nevada.

  4. Per the Washington Post:

    Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said just last month that their polling had Hillary up 25 points in Nevada. By this metric, she actually under-performed by 20 points. Hillary won Nevada by 5.5% of the county delegates (52.% to 47.2% with 96% of results).

    Was that a "landslide" or "clear victory" — or more like a "near miss"?

    The Wynn [hotel/casino] hosted one of six casino caucuses for employees on the Strip who couldn’t head home to vote.

    Hillary won the women's vote by 16 points. Felicia Fletcher, a 44-year-old casino cashier said: "I trust Bernie more. But I like Hillary’s views more." (Which views? She doesn't say.)

    Blacks overwhelmingly supported Clinton by 76%. Cedric Wester, 58, a black utility porter who had caucused for Obama in 2008, but could not be convinced that Sanders was presidential timber, said: “I love Hillary’s experience. She’s more suited for the job than Bernie.” (But how so? And actually, Bernie has MORE experience than Hillary; but if people keep saying she does, then other people will believe them.)

    About 80,000 people showed up for the Nevada caucuses on Saturday, a significant drop-off, compared with 2008 in Obama vs. Hillary race.

    If Nevada's county delegates were counted as single voters, Hillary won the State of Nevada by 4,400 people out of a population of 2,839,099 (75% over 18 years old.)

    While pandering for the Latino vote, Hillary Clinton didn't "make a promise she can't keep" — but she "pledged to seek a path" to citizenship for illegal immigrants — which is like saying "I'm likely to try to find something that leads to something" in Clinton-speak.

  5. Wall Street Journal:

    A group of housekeepers from the Bellagio Hotel arrived together wearing their brown uniforms and “Hillary” stickers. “I think she’ll do something for us,” said one of the housekeepers, Ofelia Sanchez, as she stood on line waiting to register. Ms. Sanchez said she learned where to go for the caucus from the Culinary Union, a powerful force in state politics.

  6. Caught On Tape: Hillary Clinton Supporters Voting WITHOUT Registering

    Published on Feb 20, 2016 (Casino union workers in uniform)

    Clinton supports caught BREAKING the rules. This just happened at caucus location in Nevada. Hillary supporters were not registering to caucus, which is NOT allowed by the Democratic Party.

  7. MoveOn.Org Petition w/ video because of unregistered voters for Hillary Clinton in Nevada.

  8. New York Times:

    "Similarly, it was widely reported that Mrs. Clinton fared extremely well (among Hispanics) in the precincts along the Las Vegas Strip ... There were signs of problems Saturday in poll results themselves. Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders were tied in the initial entrance-exit poll estimates; she ultimately won by around 5.5 points. Clearly the entrance polls missed Mrs. Clinton’s strength somewhere. Is it possible that the precincts missed Mrs. Clinton’s strength among Hispanic voters in Clark County? [HELLO!!!}] Quite possibly. Even the final entrance-exit poll numbers show Mrs. Clinton leading in Clark County by just 5 points; she actually won there by 10 points."

  9. Bernie Sanders's campaign workers weren't allowed in casino employee areas on the Las Vegas Strip were a vast number of Culinary union workers were, but Hillary Clinton and her husband were allowed access ..........................

    In a statement on their website, Culinary Union 226 wrote:

    "We can confirm multiple reports of Bernie Sanders’ campaign staffers attempting and gaining access to Employee Dining Rooms at Las Vegas Strip properties where over 57,000 members that we represent work. We are disappointed and offended. It's completely inappropriate for any campaign to attempt to mislead Culinary Union members, especially at their place of work."

    Huffington Post:

    "Union Claims Sanders Campaign Staffers Posed As Members To Influence Workers. The Sanders camp says they weren't intentionally misleading anyone. The union said it believes the Sanders staffers wore [Culinary Union 226] pins in order to access to the same employee areas that union staffers visit. Jon Ralston reported that Sanders staffers were 'masquerading' as members of the culinary union."

    Jon Ralston: "Culinary officials have been made aware of the faux union workers at four hotels -- The Rio, Paris, The Mirage and Planet Hollywood. The Sanders campaigners are wearing the distinctive yellow Local 226 pins, implying they are union members, to gain access to employee dining rooms. Beyond the obvious deception, union officials surely also are concerned about the implication that the organization has endorsed Sanders despite its recent pledge to remain neutral until after the caucus."

  10. Politico:

    Clinton swept the Las Vegas Strip, winning all six casino caucus sites, which tend turn out a highly diverse population of culinary workers. Bill and Hillary Clinton had spent the week feverishly working the back rooms and cafeterias of casinos like Harrah's and Caesar's, furiously hunting for votes.

  11. Clinton Campaign: “Whatever you can get away with just do it”

  12. ------------- FROM POLITICO NEWSLETTER -----------------

    - SEIU FLYERS PAINT CLINTON AS $15 MINIMUM WAGE SUPPORTER: SEIU distributed flyers in English and Spanish on Saturday saying Hillary Clinton supports the union's fight for $15 and a union. That assertion could reasonably cause voters to believe she supports a federal minimum wage of $15 an hour. But she prefers $12.



    Technically, Fight for $15 is not a federal minimum wage campaign. Its official platform calls for $15 for fast food workers, so the union has some wiggle room in defending itself from charges of voter deception. But few people actually realize that fact, and the union literature distributed on Saturday doesn't elaborate on that distinction. More from POLITICO's Annie Karni here:

    CULINARY WORKERS, REID CRUCIAL FOR CLINTON: The influential Culinary Workers Local 226 didn't endorse Hillary Clinton before Nevada's Democratic caucuses Saturday, but the union's leadership teamed up with Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to ensure major turnout among rank-and-file members. That translated into major caucus victories for Clinton at all six casino sites.

    As we noted Friday, Reid made a call to UNITE Here President D. Taylor to ensure workers would show up at the caucuses. "He's been extremely cooperative," Reid told the New York Times' Amy Chozick last week. "Probably 100 organizers will be at the caucus sites and in hotels to make sure people know what they're doing."

    "But Reid did not stop there," Nevada political reporter Jon Ralston writes. "He also called casino executives, sources confirm, with a simple message: 'Let your people go.'"

    "That is," Ralston writes, "he wanted to ensure the workers would be allowed time off from work to caucus. No one said no to Prince Harry. On Saturday, Clinton ... won all six casino sites, most handily, by a combined delegate count of 109-52. And instead of an aggregate 100 or so employees, hundreds of workers showed up to caucus."

    - EXIT POLLS SHOW UNION SUPPORT FOR CLINTON: Local 226 wasn't the only union getting the vote out for Clinton Saturday. AFSCME President Lee Saunders said in a statement that his staff and membership had more than 10,000 conversations with Nevada voters. Those efforts likely contributed to an impressive turnout for union families. Twenty-eight percent of voters on Saturday had at least one family member who belonged to a union. Among those voters, Clinton beat Sanders 54 to 43 percent, according to NBC . (Nevada's union density is 14.3 percent, a healthy percentage for a right-to-work state).

  13. Dolores Huerta Accuses Sanders Supporters Of Shutting Down Spanish Translation At Caucus

    Dolores Huerta was clearly for the Hillary camp and was head to toe in Hillary gear. I would hardly call that a neural translator. Most of the caucus-goers went to stations set up in the casinos (thanks to Harry Reid) and were allowed to take time off during their shifts from work to go vote. Most were Latino women from the housekeeping departments and were being encouraged by casino department heads and leaders in the Culinary Local 226 to vote for Hillary (even though the union didn’t “publicly” endorse Hillary). The union is in tight with Harry Reid because he made a path for Hispanic immigrants to work in the casinos without citizenship. I worked in one casino and OVERNIGHT, many no longer worked there because of an ICE raid (it was all “hush-hush” at the time). The casinos and unions are in cahoots together. I believe in a Path to Citizenship, but the system here in Las Vegas is rigged. There has actually been reverse discrimination for casino jobs – the casino’s “diversity policies” heavily favor Latinos, especially when compared to the demographics of the city, which has been quickly changing over the last 20 years. It’s because whenever a new casino opens or expands, they can quickly fill jobs in this way by getting more people to immigrate here. This had been going on for a long time and it is common knowledge here in Las Vegas.

  14. Susan Sarandon, respected activist and woman, cleared the air with what she witnessed – no one was screaming “English only.” She says they were shouting “neutral,” for a neutral translator that was not affiliated with either Bernie or Hillary.


    when it comes to Hillary, the national media is either ignorant, stupid, lazy, delusional, or purposely lying. Hillary’s razor-thin Nevada victory wasn’t a “decisive victory.” It was an embarrassment that required spending millions of dollars to garner a pathetic 6,316 votes in an anemic turnout.

    Hillary once led Bernie Sanders by 40 points in Nevada. She led by 25 points less than 30 days ago. And she won by five points.

    In the days before the caucus Senator Harry Reid called casino bosses of every Vegas Strip casino and convinced them to give union employees three hours off – with pay – to vote in the caucus. This happened at the last second to deliver victory for Hillary. This was in full cooperation with union bosses who supported one candidate. Everyone understood clearly who this move benefited. And it wasn’t Bernie.

    A few hundred union votes at six Democratic caucus sites inside Strip casinos saved her entire run for the White House. That may not be illegal, but it’s sure dirty corrupt politics at its finest.

    That meant union maids, dishwashers and bus boys – many of whom speak little or no English – were paid to take off work in order to vote. That got Hillary a few hundred extra votes and put her over the top in Nevada. That’s how she achieved her “decisive victory.”

    I’d also ask if these actions violated Securities and Exchange Commission law. Most of the Vegas Strip hotels are publicly-traded companies. Not only did they violate the trust of their paying hotel guests by providing less than optimal service, but I believe a strong case could be made they committed fraud against their shareholders.

    If I own stock in a public company, casino bosses have no right to use shareholder money to pay employees to take the afternoon off to vote for the candidate supported by union bosses. That crosses into the area of theft of shareholder value.

    Do other companies provide paid time off to vote? Do other companies get caucus sites placed inside their building to enable employees to vote with ease?

    She sold her soul to the devil, Harry Reid and the Vegas Strip casinos for 6,316 lousy votes.

  16. Robert Zimmerman (a super-delegate on the Democratic National Committee) was on CNN with Ashleigh Banfield today, and said: "Super-delegates have NEVER played a pivotal roll in choosing a nominee."

    But then why has Hillary Clinton been so busy collecting their pledges like trophies? Zimmerman says: "When someone blames super-delegates, it's a sign their campaign is in trouble".

    Clinton leads Bernie Sanders in overall delegates 503-70. This is because of the super-delegate rule that allows 712 Democratic Party insiders to decide on their own (no matter of the popular vote) whom to support at the Democratic National Convention. And so far, Clinton has locked down 451 of those super-delegates compared to only 11 for Sanders.

    [* Short commentary: "So that makes Hillary-supporter and establishment-politico Robert Zimmerman a big fat slimy liar — just like the woman he's voting for."]

    After an extremely close race in the Iowa caucus, a blow-out in New Hampshire primary, and a somewhat controversial Nevada caucus, Brian Fallon (press secretary for Hillary Clinton) tweeted that Hillary now takes the lead in national delegates by 52-51 ... and wrote:

    "Not planning on ever giving it back." (whether they were stolen or not.)

    865 Democratic delegates are up for grabs come Super Tuesday on March 1st --> when Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia will hold their primaries.

    So far, most African-Americans support Hillary Clinton (why, I'll never know) — and they could decide the Democratic primary in 2016.

    1. * CNN just reported that Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders in overall delegates (regular state pledged delegates and super-delegates) 497-69 --- but WITHOUT the super-delegate, they are almost tied at 52 for Hillary and 51 for Bernie so far.

  17. One group of voters that Donald Trump did especially well with in the Nevada caucuses were the poorly educated. He even touted this fact during his victory speech. In fact, the poorly educated love him so much they made him this ad.