Thursday, February 4, 2016

Obama, Holder and Clinton: The Wall St Triad

Obama, Holder and Clinton: The Wall Street Triad

Since they left the White House "dead broke", Bill and Hillary Clinton have received at least $125 million in speaking fees — mostly from big banks.

At the CNN-sponsored town hall Hillary Clinton said other Secretary-of-States before her received speaking fees.

Hillary said Obama nominated her for Secretary-of-State because of her "experience" — and because he trusted her judgment. But it was Obama who criticized Clinton for voting for the Iraq war when he was first running for President in 2008. And at that time, Hillary's "experience" in foreign policy was mostly gained from traveling around the world as First Lady.

Before being elected President in 2008, Obama himself had no foreign policy experience. And Hillary Clinton now says she has more experience in foreign policy than Senator Bernie Sanders.

After the very bitter 2008 Democratic primary between Obama and the Clintons, Obama had needed the help of Hillary's supporters to win the general election against Senator John McCain. So a deal was struck and Bill Clinton endorsed Obama at the Democratic convention in 2008.

Then just days later, after Obama was officially nominated to be the Democratic nominee at the Democratic convention, he tapped Hillary Clinton for the job of Secretary-of-State.

Since leaving that office Hillary Clinton's emails had come under investigation by the FBI, which is part of the Justice Department that is led by Obama's-nominated Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Her predecessor was Obama's-nominated Attorney General Eric Holder (who refused to prosecute bankers). Now Eric Holder has endorsed Hillary Clinton — and is campaigning for her.

At the CNN-sponsored town hall Hillary Clinton said "No bank is too big to fail. No executive to powerful to jail."

You connect the dots . . .

* For more in-depth analysis and links to CNN's full transcript and the videos of the Town hall meeting, see my blog post here.



    Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein said that Bernie Sanders' insurgent candidacy "has the potential to be a dangerous moment." Blankfein avoided saying whether he supported former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, though both Clintons have long ties to Blankfein and to Goldman Sachs, which has been a heavy donor to Bill Clinton's "charity work" (THE FOUNDATION)

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  4. Howard Dean accusing Bernie Sanders of attacking the integrity of Hillary Clinton by mentioning her speeches to Goldman Sachs.

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