Friday, March 4, 2016

2016 Democratic Election/Debate Schedule

Below is next on the list of States to vote in the Democratic Primary, the 4 remaining Democratic primary debates, the DNC convention, and the Presidential/VP debate schedule (4 debates). Previous election results here.

March 5

Kansas (Yankee State)
Louisiana (Confederate State)
Nebraska (Territory)
March 6  Maine (Yankee State) 
March 6  7th Democratic debate at Flint, MI
March 7 Fox News hosts Democratic Townhall in Detroit. Bernie Sanders will be alone. The Clinton campaign was invited, but “is unable to attend due to a conflict in her campaign schedule.” Trump may attend.
March 8  Michigan (Yankee State)
Mississippi (Confederate State)
March 9 8th Democratic debate on Univision at Dade College in Miami, FL
March 15 Florida (Confederate State)
Illinois (Yankee State)
Missouri (Confederate State)
North Carolina (Confederate State)
Ohio (Yankee State)
March 22 Arizona (Territory)
Idaho (Territory)
Utah (Territory)
March 26 Alaska (Territory)
Hawaii (Territory)
Washington State (Territory)
April - TBA  9th Democratic debate
April 5  Wisconsin (Yankee State)
April 9 Wyoming (Territory)
April 19 New York (Yankee State)
April 26 Connecticut (Yankee State)
Delaware (Confederate State)
Maryland (Confederate State)
Pennsylvania (Yankee State)
Rhode Island (Yankee State)
May - TBA  10th and last Democratic debate
May 3  Indiana (Yankee State)
May 10 West Virginia (Confederate State)
May 17  Kentucky (Confederate State)
Oregon (Yankee State)
June 7 California (Yankee State)
Montana (Territory)
New Jersey (Yankee State)
New Mexico (Territory)
North Dakota (Territory)
South Dakota (Territory)
June 14  Washington D.C. (Yankee Capital)
July 4 Hillary Clinton arrested for lying to the FBI ;)
July The Democratic National Convention will be held in late July in Philadelphia, Pa. where the nominee is chosen.
Sept. 26 First presidential debate at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio
Oct. 4 Vice presidential debate at Longwood University in Farmville, Va.
Oct. 9 Second presidential debate at Washington University in St. Louis
Oct. 19 Third presidential debate at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Nov. 8 Senator Bernie Sanders becomes the 45th U.S. President ;)


  1. PETITION: Arrest and prosecute #BillClinton for Violation of Mass. Election Laws. #BernieSanders …

  2. The Clintons have championed welfare reform for over 20 years — severely harming Blacks and Latinos.

  3. I watched the last GOP debate, and nobody offered anything new. It was the same-ole same-ole bull$hit.

    The GOP's solution for Detroit and Flint Michigan is the same as it is for the entire country — the way to fix the infrastructure and schools and bring back jobs is to lower the tax base. They want us to believe that less tax revenues will fix everything.

    The fact is, offshoring jobs to low-wage countries and the increase in corporate tax avoidance has decreased tax revenues, leaving government less money to fix infrastructure, fix schools and replace lead pipes.

    The "effective" corporate tax rate (what they actually pay) is lower now than it has been for decades — nominally and as a percent of profits and GDP. Wages have also been stagnant for decades, and in many cases, have declined — while the cost of living has increased.

    The GOP wants us to believe that by lowering the tax base, it will bring jobs back from China, induce employers to pay higher wages, and provide enough tax revenues to fix infrastructure, fix schools and replace lead pipes.

    The GOP want us to believe that if corporations could pay no taxes at all, all their savings would NOT go into the pockets of executives and shareholders, but into the pockets of working people — and into the city, state, county and federal coffers to fix infrastructure, fix schools and replace lead pipes.

    Programs such as Social Security are under-funded, because wages have not kept up with productivity, CEO pay and after-tax profits. But rather than paying higher wages or lifting the "cap" for Social Security taxes, the GOP wants to cut Social Security benefits and raise the age for retirement, claiming we're living longer now (when it's mainly the very rich who are living longer).

    Donald Trump says he regularly travels all over the world, and he sees other airports, trains and roads in other countries, and says he's ashamed of our crumbling infrastructure — comparing America to a third world country.

    But the GOP wants us to believe that the less we tax the very rich, the more lead pipes we can fix.

    Vote for Bernie Sanders to bring jobs back to America and to fix our infrastructure.

  4. 7th Democratic Debate: Best Recaps not on Cable News

    The best 26 most relevant minutes of the 7th Democratic debate on March 6, 2016 in Flint, Michigan.
    There are two separate videos, each 13 minutes long, embedded at the bottom of this post.
    They include many highlights that they aren't showing on the cable news stations (CNN, MSNBC and Fox News)
    Fighting the media black out of Bernie Sanders



  5. Bernie Sanders, in a historical upset, just beat Hillary Clinton to win the State of Michigan yesterday.

    There are 4,763 total Democratic delegates
    - 770 super-delegates
    = 3,993 regular delegates (allocated by primaries/caucuses)

    2,383 delegates are needed for the party nomination
    - 770 super-delegates
    1,613 outstanding regular delegates needed for nomination

    Excluding super-delegates, regular delegates allocated so far as of March 90, 2016:

    Clinton 760
    Sanders 546

    Super-delegates can change their mind any time up until the DNC convention in July. If the don't vote with the popular vote, that could spell big trouble for the political insiders (and Bernie could even run as an Independent -- or his supporters would write in his name -- or they would vote Republican -- or they might not vote at all.)

    But the media (especially on the cable news stations) are always totaling the delegate count with the super-delegates to make the election appear as though it's already a done deal for Hillary.