Monday, March 7, 2016

7th Democratic Debate: Best Recaps not on Cable News

  • The best 26 most relevant minutes of the 7th Democratic debate on March 6, 2016 in Flint, Michigan.
  • There are two separate videos, each 13 minutes long, embedded at the bottom of this post.
  • They include many highlights that they aren't showing on the cable news stations (CNN, MSNBC and Fox News)
  • Fighting the media black out of Bernie Sanders

Sanders v Clinton 7th Democratic Debate 2016

PETITION TO ALL SUPER-DELEGATES: "I support Bernie Sanders, but I will not Support Hillary Clinton in a general election."

Today I spent about 10 hours painstakingly editing the entire 2-hour Democratic debate from last night, cutting it down to the best 26 relevant minutes — and then I split the video into two separate 13 minute segments and uploaded them to YouTube to make it easier to digest for busy people.

I thought this particular debate last night was much too important to be ignored (or missed) by anyone; and much of what was said during the debate was not re-played in the highlights shown on the cable news shows — which I vigorously complained about here — and that is one reason why I went to all the trouble to post these two video segments today.

For the sake of time and length, some of what was said during the debate was cut or fast-forwarded through (such as when Hillary Clinton veers of course and begins making a stump speech, or when she changes the subject); or when Bernie Sanders repeats himself with his usual talking points, or when either of the candidates made a long remark not related to the topic at hand — or didn't specifically answer a question being asked by the moderator or an audience member.

* Full disclosure: As it's obvious by the banner on this website, I fully support Bernie Sanders; but I tried very hard to be objective when editing these videos. The complete unedited video of the debate can probably be found somewhere on the web with a Google search. My Google account now limits my uploads to 15 minutes in length per video — and besides, 2 hours is much too long for those who depend on their news from short sound bites offered by the mainstream media.

Also, here's the full transcript at TIME (which I didn't check for accuracy) that you can use for cross-referencing.

The two videos primarily covers these topics below (in their approximate order):

  • The lead pipes and poisoned drinking water in Flint, Michigan (political maneuvering by Hillary?);
  • The federal government knew of this for 100 days, but didn't warn the people of Flint (should Obama's head of the EPA be fired?)
  • Hillary's support of the auto bailout (and why Bernie supported the original auto bailout but not the bank's amended bailout);
  • Hillary's support over the years for trade polices that offshored many of our best-paying and union jobs;
  • Hillary's speeches to the banks (and the her refusal to lead, by releasing her transcripts before anyone else (even though, no one else has transcripts);
  • Hillary's defense for taking money from Wall Street (and Big Oil) for campaign contributions, saying Obama also took money from Wall Street (when Bernie does not);
  • Hillary's support of the Export-Import bank that doles out the vast majority of its taxpayer money to large corporations that don't pay taxes and offshores jobs;
  • Bernie blaming, not just the Republicans, but the Democrats as well, for all the bad trade deals and crony government capitalism — aka corporate welfare;
  • Bernie's and Hillary's differences in infrastructure investment and how it's paid for;
  • Their differences on fracking for oil and the fossil fuel industry and climate change;
  • Bernie's references to Hillary having the most political support from the "establishment politicians";
  • Hillary's accusation that Bernie was a "one issue only candidate" — when Bernie replies, "Yes, and that issue is the middle-class");
  • Bernie's criticism of Hillary's superPAC and why we need campaign finance reform to restore true democracy in America;
  • Hillary's subtle admission that she can't get things done with a GOP Congress (just like Obama can't);
  • Hillary said she's not worried about running against Trump (or her private email server) because, so far, she's had many more votes than Trump;
  • Bernie also noting that he too beats Trump, but by wider margins than Hillary (according to most polls);
  • Their closing one-minute statements.

Note: The video quality isn't that great, because it was taken from a screen capture of a crappy LIVE feed -- > but the debate was very lively and entertaining, so it's all very worthwhile to watch. To date (IMHO) it was one of the best Democratic debates so far.


  1. Michigan State University Poll - Michigan (March 7, 2016)

    Hillary Clinton 51.9%
    Bernie Sanders 46.9%
    5.0% (Margin of error)

  2. The State of the Economy

    A phony STEM shortage and the scandal of engineering visas -- how American jobs get outsourced

    Trade deficits between the U.S. and the 11 other countries in the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) cost 2 million U.S. jobs in 2015

    The wage stagnation that's driving the 2016 campaign

    The State of American Retirement - How 401(k)s have failed most American workers

    Warren Buffett wrote: “America’s golden goose of commerce and innovation will continue to lay more and larger eggs. America’s Social Security promises will be honored and perhaps made more generous. And, yes, America’s kids will live far better than their parents did.”

  3. UPDATE:

    New Sanders Radio Ad Sets Record Straight on Clinton’s Dishonest Attack on Auto Industry Rescue

    1. Democrats Who Voted Against TARP Funds Say It Wasn’t About the Auto Bail Outs

      8 Democratic senators voted same way as Sanders on auto bailouts: Shaheen, Cantwell & Wyden — & are still in office. …

  4. Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton in Idaho 47-45% with Democrats and 42-19% with Independents We ❤ Idaho!

  5. Bernie Sanders got twice as much applause during the debate than Hillary did.

  6. Bernie Sanders, in a historical upset, just beat Hillary Clinton to win the State of Michigan yesterday.

    There are 4,763 total Democratic delegates
    - 770 super-delegates
    = 3,993 regular delegates (allocated by primaries/caucuses)

    2,383 delegates are needed for the party nomination
    - 770 super-delegates
    1,613 outstanding regular delegates needed for nomination

    Excluding super-delegates, regular delegates allocated so far as of March 90, 2016:

    Clinton 760
    Sanders 546

    Super-delegates can change their mind any time up until the DNC convention in July. If the don't vote with the popular vote, that could spell big trouble for the political insiders (and Bernie could even run as an Independent -- or his supporters would write in his name -- or they would vote Republican -- or they might not vote at all.)

    But the media (especially on the cable news stations) are always totaling the delegate count with the super-delegates to make the election appear as though it's already a done deal for Hillary.

  7. Washinton Post (March 10, 2016) 5 times Hillary Clinton has played fast and loose with the facts on Bernie Sanders’s record

    "It's striking that, as Clinton has doubled down on the attacks, she has with some regularity played pretty fast and loose with the facts. She'll take a vote Sanders has made during his 25 years in Congress and gloss over most, if not all, of the details about it. The result is a carefully worded insinuation or even outright accusation that Sanders has voted against his base on everything from immigration to the auto bailout to fossil fuels."

    * But yet, it's Hillary herself who accuses Bernie Sanders of making "very artful smears and innuendos". She's been lying al her life.