Monday, March 7, 2016

No Surprise: Bernie Wins 7th Debate, Media Disagrees

Bernie Sanders DID vote for the FIRST VERSION of the auto bailout. It was only when Congress added the Wall Street bailout did he vote against it because he didn't think it was fair that taxpayers bailout the criminal bankers who destroyed the economy. Unfortunately for Bernie, he didn't make that clear enough during the debate last night.

So they very next day (today), Hillary Clinton's campaign already had a new ad out saying she voted for the auto bailout — but that Bernie didn't.

PETITION TO ALL SUPER-DELEGATES: "I support Bernie Sanders, but I will not Support Hillary Clinton in a general election."

Below: Hillary Clinton making very artful smears and false innuendos.
Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at 7th Democratic debate

Full Discloser: I support Bernie Sanders 100% and agree with him on 98% of the issues he's running on, so naturally anything I say or write will usually be skewed in favor of Bernie.

Now, that being said, when I watched the 7th Democratic debate in Flint Michigan last night on CNN, I tried very hard to be as objective as possible. I even thought the debate moderators (for a change) were being equally fair with both candidates. (Here's the full transcript at TIME, which I didn't check for accuracy.)

When the debate was over, I came away with the view that Hillary Clinton not only gave one of her weakest debate performances to date (maybe she was tired from all her fundraising), but it was also one of Bernie Sanders' best performances so far (maybe he was pumped up from having just won the election in Maine that night).

Clearly (to me anyhow), it looked as though Bernie had won the debate hands down. So about 3 hours later I checked out the online polls to see how others had felt. I wasn't surprised, because just like the other previous 6 debates, Bernie had won the 7th debate by overwhelming margins over Hillary Clinton.

But if one had never watched the debate, and had only watched the post-debate discussions on CNN and MSNBC, one would think Hillary had just won the presidency. The media pundits and their carefully chosen pro-Hillary guests (and "interviews" with other people), was so obviously partisan in favor of Hillary, I was aghast that these major media corporations weren't even trying to hide their obviously outward favorable opinion of Hillary. (There aren't reporting "news", they're trying to influence the election.)

For the first 20 minutes after the debate on CNN, there was nothing but Bernie-bashing and high praise for Hillary. Finally they had on Bernie's senior adviser (Tad Devine) for a short 4 minutes to make a few talking points before immediately going back to their Bernie-bashing again. It was unbelievable! Clearly it's no joke to say that CNN is the acronym for Clinton Network News.

So I got so disgusted that I finally changed the channel to MSNBC to hear what they had to say. It was the same thing: They had on their usual pro-Hillary pundits bashing Bernie and praising Hillary. It wasn't until I got fed up and changed the channel again (this time, to Fox News) before I finally heard any media pundits actually giving Bernie any of the credit he was do.

Fox News had on Bernie's campaign manger (Jeff Weaver) to clear up a point during the debate about the auto bailout, where Hillary Clinton accused Bernie of voting against it. Evidently, Sanders voted against a previous bill (because he thought Wall Street should pay for it, and not the taxpayers); but Weaver said that Bernie did vote later for a stand alone bill for the auto bail out.

Immediately after the CNN and MSNBC only showed a few highlights of the debate where Hillary was at her most proficient, and/or where Bernie may have stumbled somewhat. But overall, throughout 90% of the debate, he was hammering Hillary on a whole range of issues that she appeared to be very weak to defend. Bernie seemed to generate more applause from the audience as well, which I might have assumed was mostly African-American (so that surprised me).

I'm under the impression that all those within the establishment in power (corrupt media pundits/slimy politicians/greedy CEOs/etc) are all really worried — not only about Donald Trump on the Republican side — but by Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side. The media pundits, again and again, stressed that Bernie had a lot less delegates that Hillary did because of all the super-delegates Hillary has ("super-delegates" being votes pledged by the establishment Democratic party politicians, not delegates allocated based on votes by regular regular voters).

I did hear one good comment by someone being interviewed (I don't remember if it was on CNN, MSNBC or Fox News); but the media pundit asked a man that, of the two candidates, who he had favored in the Democratic primary, and he answered: "Bernie Sanders."

When the media pundit asked him why he favored Bernie, he replied: "Because Bernie can beat Donald Trump in the general election."

Then the media pundit asked him why he was so sure, and the man replied: "Because any rich kid in Manhattan will always run a way from a poor kid from Brooklyn"

This morning I woke up to hear what CNN and MSNBC was saying about the debate last night, and it was still the same as the post-debate discussions last night: Bernie bashing and Hillary praising. And while I was searching the web for some video of the debate, I found this short segment — which pretty much makes my case in 4 minutes....


  1. Highlights of the debate that MSNBC and CNN aren't showing, I've complied into 20 minutes of the most relevant parts of the 2 hour debate into a video that I split into 2 ten-minute segments — and I will up load to YouTube later. I will update with the links (or embed here).

    Reminder: Watch Clinton and Sanders on Fox News tonight in a forum that Bret Baier will host in Detroit.

    1. 6 p.m. ET. at Detroit's Gem Theatre in front of an audience of Michigan voters just one day before the state’s crucial primary.

  2. UPDATE:

    New Sanders Radio Ad Sets Record Straight on Clinton’s Dishonest Attack on Auto Industry Rescue

  3. UPDATE: As promised...

    7th Democratic Debate: Best Recaps not on Cable News

    The best 26 most relevant minutes of the 7th Democratic debate on March 6, 2016 in Flint, Michigan.
    There are two separate videos, each 13 minutes long, embedded at the bottom of this post.
    They include many highlights that they aren't showing on the cable news stations (CNN, MSNBC and Fox News)
    Fighting the media black out of Bernie Sanders



  4. Bernie Sanders, in a historical upset, just beat Hillary Clinton to win the State of Michigan yesterday.

    There are 4,763 total Democratic delegates
    - 770 super-delegates
    = 3,993 regular delegates (allocated by primaries/caucuses)

    2,383 delegates are needed for the party nomination
    - 770 super-delegates
    1,613 outstanding regular delegates needed for nomination

    Excluding super-delegates, regular delegates allocated so far as of March 90, 2016:

    Clinton 760
    Sanders 546

    Super-delegates can change their mind any time up until the DNC convention in July. If the don't vote with the popular vote, that could spell big trouble for the political insiders (and Bernie could even run as an Independent -- or his supporters would write in his name -- or they would vote Republican -- or they might not vote at all.)

    But the media (especially on the cable news stations) are always totaling the delegate count with the super-delegates to make the election appear as though it's already a done deal for Hillary.

  5. Washinton Post (March 10, 2016) 5 times Hillary Clinton has played fast and loose with the facts on Bernie Sanders’s record

    "It's striking that, as Clinton has doubled down on the attacks, she has with some regularity played pretty fast and loose with the facts. She'll take a vote Sanders has made during his 25 years in Congress and gloss over most, if not all, of the details about it. The result is a carefully worded insinuation or even outright accusation that Sanders has voted against his base on everything from immigration to the auto bailout to fossil fuels."

    * But yet, it's Hillary herself who accuses Bernie Sanders of making "very artful smears and innuendos". She's been lying al her life.