Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rigged Elections cause Social Unrest, Prelude to Democratic Convention

The mockery of democracy that took place at the Nevada Democratic State Convention on May 14th is nothing more than a dress rehearsal for what we will witness in July.

Roberta Lange
Roberta Lange

Roberta Lange, avid Hillary supporter and chair of the convention, blatantly corroded democracy and criminally silenced the voices of Nevada Democrats and ultimately, Bernie supporters all over the nation on Saturday.

A Facebook post by Kevin McGee highlights Saturday’s charade of democracy that dragged on for nearly 16 hours:

1. Have a secret meeting to change the convention rules at the last minute to favor one candidate and give the chair unlimited power without appeal.
2. “Pass” the rules even though you don’t have a quorum.
3. At the convention make a motion to make those permanent and use the rules to blatantly override the voice vote with no division of the house and no appeal.
4. Use those rules to push through any motion you want while openly ignoring legitimate motions and petitions from the floor.
5. When you discover you’ve still lost the convention by over 30 delegates, disqualify 64 delegates and declare your candidate the winner.
6. Once again, use your specially created rules to ram through a motion to accept the count, ignoring the “NO” vote from the floor.
7. Ignore motions from the floor to remove the chair. Send the chair up to rapidly “pass” several items of business, ignoring an overwhelming “NO” vote.
8. Adjourn the meeting with no motion or vote.
9. Here’s your police escort out!

Yes, this actually happened. Roberta Lange, the chair of the convention, did whatever it took to make sure her good buddy Hillary secures the nomination. She made a motion, seconded her own motion, passed her own motion, and then fled the stage. To top it off, the police were called — and upon arriving, threatened arrest on the peaceful members of Nevada’s Democratic party. Everything has been well-documented and extensive video footage was taken of the events at the convention. View the footage by clicking here. (10 separate videos at Youtube)

The following is a portion of an editorial written by Michelangelo Hamilton in response to the heinous display of corruption that took place in Nevada. Hamilton is a progressive icon and community activist advocating for the policies that will reduce inequality and Team Leader at Progressive Democrats of America. Hamilton has also started a petition on www.change.org demanding accountability for Lange’s outrageous actions. (Please sign.)

Dear Chairwoman Roberta Gustave Lange,

The conduct you have displayed as the chair of the Nevada Democratic Party during the 2016 Nevada Democratic State Convention is unethical and undemocratic.

I am notifying you that I am personally sending a notice to the Nevada Democratic Party and the United States Department of Justice to take action against your undemocratic behavior to Nevada Democrats.

You unethically and unjustly ignored hundreds of Bernie Sanders delegates at approximately 10:48pm Nevada Time PDT on May 14, 2016, by approving a motion to rapidly approve the official votes without addressing the recount, and adjourning the convention. Thus, I believe that this action amongst others displays a clear bias for Hillary Clinton and it ignored the clear majority, or at least a good 40%-50%+ of the democrats at that moment and throughout the day.

Since the beginning of the convention at approximately 9am Nevada Time PDT on May 14, 2016, you have enacted your own rules with the assistance of allegedly some backdoor motion to run the convention and you have avoided to keep in place Robert’s Rules of Order even though a clear 50%+ of those available voices against the rules you presented that would nullify the motion for the new temporary convention rules that did not use Robert’s Rules of Order, when you, as the chair, brought it to a voice vote. Furthermore, you did this without a full quorum. Even if you hadn’t made a clear distinction, you should have made the call for another voice vote to occur to ensure accuracy and then make a final call giving it to the NO’s. Nothing justifies approving the temporary convention rules without even a quorum.

If anything, please read and think about this: How can we be a “democratic” party when we have dictatorship? How can we be united against Donald Trump, when you are ignoring a crucial base of the Democratic Party and many will most likely exit the party if actions like these occur?

I hope you will evaluate the actions you took throughout the day and come to a decision to resign immediately. Sad to say this but we WILL NOT win in November, if these tricks continue.

Again, the vote for a recount clearly had a majority and this not only offends me, but the millions of supporters of Senator Sanders.

The actions you have made did not achieve the goal you may have wished for, but all it did was to further divide us in the Democratic Party.

Hamilton could not be more accurate. The increasing division of the Democratic party is at the hands of Hillary and her devout shills, like Lange, who hold positions of power all over the country, not Sanders or his millions of supporters.

Of course mainstream outlets like CNN, (which is owned by Time Warner, a huge financial contributor to the Clinton Presidential Campaign to the tune of over $400 thousand dollars), can be counted on to convolute the truth and outright lie to its national audience. CNN is ignoring the reality of the injustices that happened Saturday by blaming "unruly" delegates for the abruptly unconstitutional end to the convention.

Their pathetic attempt at covering the news is a quote from a spokesperson at the Paris hotel, which hosted the event: “At approximately 10:00 p.m. on Saturday night, the director of security for the Paris Las Vegas Hotel informed the state party and representatives from both presidential campaigns that the property could no longer provide the necessary security under conditions made unruly and unpredictable. Paris Las Vegas Hotel security requested a prompt conclusion to the event,” the Nevada State Democratic Party said in a statement. To the surprise of no one, there isn’t a single mainstream media mention of Lange’s total annihilation of the civil rights of the Sanders-supporting members of the NDP.

Many believe what we have witnessed at Nevada’s convention is a telling sign of what is to come at the DNC in July. Do not be deterred or discouraged! Massive protests are planned for the convention that will take place in Philadelphia the week of July 25th-28th. You can find more information about that by clicking here.

* To read Michaelangelo Hamilton’s full editorial, please visit here. (This was cross-posted in part from here)


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