Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New NBC Poll should be used as Toilet Paper

What good is having a poll if Comcast/NBC/MSNBC doesn't even report the full results? Was it to influence voter sentiment just prior to the Democratic primaries in Kentucky and Oregon today?

First of all, take note that as of January 11, 2016 a Gallop poll showed:

43% identify as independents (a 75 year record high — and Bernie Sanders's strongest voters.)
30% as Democrats
26% as Republicans

But the new highly-touted NBC poll for May 2016 shows:

35% identify as independents
35% as Democrats
28% as Republicans

Who really believes there are just as many self-identified Democrats as there are Independents? Only the uninformed — or those who were deliberately misinformed by the mainstream media.

The new highly-touted NBC poll (NBC is owned by Comcast) — was referred to numerous times on their cable station MSNBC, and says Clinton leads Sanders by 14 points -- up from a 12 point lead.

It was also mentioned numerous times that Clinton led Trump 48% to 45% (she was leading 49% to 44%) --- but NBC/MSNBC never mentioned that in that very same poll, Sanders led Trump 53% to 41% (was 53% to 40%). Real Clear Politics shows an average for ALL recent polls, and puts Sanders ahead of Trump by 13.0% --- and Clinton only leads Trump by 5.7% --- but Comcast/NBC/MSNBC (who favors Clinton) never wants to mention those results.

In their newly-touted poll NBC/MSNBC they also made a big deal about Clinton leading Trump in favorability ratings (see below) --- but without also mentioning that, not only did Sanders lead both candidates in favorability ratings, but was THE ONLY CANDIDATE with a "net" favorabilty rating. Funny how the corporate media, always favoring Clinton, always leaves out these inconvieneient details.

favorability ratings

And look at the top Google searches for the "NBC poll" under "news" (screenshot below). It only mentions Sanders once, and only in the context of trailing Clinton. Is this media bias or what?

media bias

Clearly the mainstream corporate media (even before California has voted in the Democratic primary) is trying to influence the election by dismissing and ignoring Bernie Sanders's good polling numbers. This is complete cattle excrement. So not only can't this NBC poll not be trusted, but it should be used as toilet paper ... because the media pundits will need it.



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