Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Screwed by a Mega U.S. Corporate Conglomerate ... Again!

Yesterday morning NBCUniversal (which is a subsidiary of Comcast, which also owns MSNBC) imposed a copyright claim on a video I posted at Youtube 5 months ago. In all that time it had a total of 23 views. WOW! That must of been a lot of lost revenue for NBCUniversal! Anyway, so YouTube blocked it. (Details here)

The bastards! The BIG 6 media is too big — and just like the banks, it's time to break them up!

But guess what? Later that night on Rachel Maddow's show (on MSNBC) they aired a video of mine that I had posted at Youtube about the rigged Nevada convention last weekend. The nerve! How can NBCUniversal impose a copyright claim on me and then steal my video?

Embedded below is the segment of Maddow's show that aired on MSNBC last night. Near the very beginning in the very top left-hand corner you'll see my name "Bud Meyers" (At least they gave me credit, but they never asked me for my permission first). Here's the link to the original video that they used for Maddow's show.

I named the video below of the segment from Maddow's show from last night "My Summer Vacation in Vermont" to see if it would get flagged for copyright violations, because evidently "fair use" and free political speech is not a right for ordinary citizens — thanks in part to Bill Clinton. That's also why I didn't use the name "NBCUniversal" in the title of this post (Although the tech businesses have extremely sophisticated algorithms that can detect everything these days.)

If for any reason this video is flagged for copyright infringement and blocked, I also posted it here at my personal website — and they can sue me if they want (the bastards!)

Also note: During Rachel Maddow's show, she had on a well-known Las Vegas reporter named Jon Ralston demonizing Bernie's supporters. (He was at the Nevada convention when all this went down). But oddly, Ralston never mentioned that Bernie's supporters were also pissed because Harry Reid had rigged the Nevada caucus last February ... and Ralston even wrote about it in USA Today! (I expand on his story here.)

Jon Ralston also downplayed the condescending tone Sen. Barbara Boxer was using during her speech at the convention — and he didn't call her out on the lies she told. Here is the link to what she actually said at the convention.

After Jon Ralston was on Rachel Maddow's show tonight, Maddow had on Angie Morelli as her next guest in a video conference, who is Sanders delegate that was also at the Nevada convention, and told Madoow's audience what REALLY happened at the convention. Oddly, it didn't appear as though Morelli knew that Ralston was sitting right there and was eavesdropping on the whole conversation while Maddow had asked her about him. Morelli and Ralston didn't converse to each other, and were shown in different frames.

Afterwards, they had on DNC chair Debbie Wassermann Shultz and MSNBC's Chris Matthews (another a-hole) spewing their usual B.S. and blaming Bernie and his supporters for everything, making it everything all the much worse.

But in the end, Bernie Sanders was robbed of delegates, plain and simple (I'm surprised that MSNBC had even put Angie Morelli on the air).

The two links below gives you greater detail about what happened at the convention — if you're into all the wonkish rules.

* If Hillary Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee, I'm not voting for her. Bernie or Bust. If Trump becomes President, so be it.

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  1. I have been hearing a lot on cable news about chairs being thrown by Bernie supporters at the Nevada convention ... but I have yet to see a video. Please post a link to one in the comments section here. Thanks.