Thursday, August 11, 2016

Clinton Pay for Play: More Corrupt than Prostate Cancer

President (wince) Obama and his U.S. Attorney General (Loretta Lynch) refuse to investigate, because they are just as corrupt as the Clintons and prostate cancer. Links below...

Clinton Cash - A Graphic Novel

Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel

Links to Clinton Pay for Play Corruption...

VIDEO: FBI field offices wanted investigation into Clinton Foundation, DOJ was against opening a case - CNN

VIDEO: Aug 11 briefing: Reporter skeptical when State Dept claims wasn’t influenced by Clinton Foundation -

VIDEO: Aug 10 briefing: State Department dodges questions about Clinton Foundation's emails - YouTube

Judicial Watch: State Dept. colluded to thwart FOIA request for Hillary emails, 'This is evidence that Cheryl Mills covered up' - Breibart

Top Clinton State Department aide Cheryl Mills helped Clinton Foundation -

Emails do not show improper influence from Clinton Foundation, State Department says - ABC News

CNN's Griffin: Cheryl Mills did work on behalf of Clinton Foundation while she was gov't employee, may have violated ethics rules (VIDEO) - Breitbart

Hillary aide Mills OK'd deal that put $500K in Bill's pocket - The Daily Caller

Email batch provides additional evidence that Clinton Foundation donors got access at State Department - The Washington Post

Hillary played favorites with huge number of Clinton Foundation donors - New York Post

Another day, another Hillary/Clinton Foundation scandal - Power Line

Five Clinton friends who got special State Department access - Washington Examiner

Five devastating facts about Hillary Clinton's foreign funder, Gilbert Chagoury - Breibart

Donald Trump on Clinton Foundation, State Dept. relationship: 'It's illegal' - Breitbart

Cotton: Clinton used private server to hide her foundation work - Washington Examiner

VIDEO: 'Classic pay-to-play': Giuliani blasts ‘corrupt' Clinton Foundation - Fox News Insider

NY Times' Haberman: Hillary campaign ‘extremely unprepared' for accusations of Clinton Fdn-State Dept ‘overlap' - Breitbart

Inside the debate over probing the Clinton Foundation, Officials from the FBI and DOJ met to discuss opening a public corruption case - CNN

Trump starts petition urging DOJ to probe Clinton Foundation - New York Post

Sign Trump's petition to investigate the Clinton Foundation

Trump on Hillary's missing 33,000 ‘personal’ emails: 'That's a lot of yoga' - Breitbart

Ethicists: Clinton team violated ‘spirit’ of pledge, Emails suggest aides were catering to Clinton Foundation donors - POLITICO 

Clinton Foundation IRS inquiry involves charity's legal status - Washington Examiner

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  1. UPDATE: New Clinton FBI Scandal: DOJ Blocked FBI Public Corruption Probe Into Clinton Foundation