Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wikileaks offers Reward for DNC Murder of Seth Rich

DC police initially put up a $25,000 reward for Seth murder

(Via Bill Still) Julian Assange – founder of Wikileaks recently insisted that Russian hackers were not the ones responsible for the leak of thousands of Democratic National Committee emails and voicemails.

However according to the Christian Times newspaper earlier today, Assange reportedly told a Dutch TV station known as Nieuwsuur – or NOS - that the source of the leak was 27-year-old Seth Rich who was found shot in the back multiple times on July 10th, about a block from his home 2 miles directly north of the U.S. Capitol building.

In recent weeks the leaks caused the resignation of top Democratic party officials, including Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

After Rich’s murder, Assange offered a $20,000 reward for anyone who could provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator in the case. Seth Rich was apparently walking home from work late on early Sunday morning about 04:20 am when gunshots rang out. Police who were patrolling in the area overheard the shots and minutes later discovered Rich still conscious and breathing in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of DC. He died an hour later in the hospital. The killer did not take Rich’s wallet or cell phone.

The death still remains a mystery and DC police initially put up a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest, but later raised that to $50,000, apparently not including the $20,000 offered by Assange.

Rich was beloved by all his colleague at the DNC and was definitely in a position to take the emails and forward them to Assange. Rich had worked at the DNC for two years as the voter expansion data director.

After Bill Still's first story came out (SR 1070 on Tuesday, July 26, 2016) IT professionals contacted and unanimously said that late Saturday night/Sunday morning is the most likely time for a person to breach a data system to copy material.

So far there has been no confirmation by the NOS station that Assange admitted later in the video-taped interview that Rich was the source of the leaks. However in the 5-min section of the interview that has been released (embedded below), the interviewer grilled Assange ferociously as he tried to get him to admit that the source of the leak was the Russian government.

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Bill Still: (YouTube) A FiveThirty-Eight insider gives us our first peek under the tent of Poll Control Central. He tells a story of nation-wide collusion with the Clinton machine and poll-buying, first whispered of during Trump’s primary run: “Nate Silver is a liberal. No secret there. It’s a big social club. The pollsters all work together. You think it's random? Come on. Who do you think pays for the polls? People who want results. You're buying media. It's like ads or newspaper stories. You pay 30k for a poll of Florida, it says what you want."

He explained that Nate Silver’s office is where the expectations of Clinton’s nationwide poll buys are managed: “We have a Slack-room that’s sharing all kinds of results and skews and that’s how we keep it all orderly. Oh--we drive it. You set the expectations ahead of time. It's called pre-loading. You'd be surprised how we can fine-tune things. Mass belief is powerful. The problem here is, not everyone plays nice. Fox is rogue. Rasumssen was bad. They were doing real polling.”

Then he commented on the difficulty Poll Control had in dealing with the rising tide of Trump support: “This time Trump just caught us by surprise. The impact was so big – it came on so fast – Hillary just collapsed. There were a few hours when the server was showing real projections and while traffic was pretty high, let me tell you, it was a melt-down politically.”

Then he admitted that Nate Silver’s Poll Control Central gets its marching orders directly from the White House: “Nate Silver was just really pissed. I mean he got a call from the White House telling him to fix it and sh*t. Our business model is predicated on making liberals feel better about the election. Nate had us look for bugs -- something gone wrong -- looking at the feeds. Of course nothing was wrong. Nothing had changed. Then he got on the phone with his people embedded with Q-Pac and Survey Monkey and PPP and all those guys."

Then he predicted that the White House’s Stalinesque control of the information flow to the American people was coming unglued: “I don’t know, man. There are a bunch of smaller groups out there doing real polls. I don't know if anyone can keep this under wraps.”

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