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Clinton deliberately broke FOIA laws, blames concussion

One thing has become abundantly clear with the recently released notes of Hillary Clinton's "interview" with the FBI last July ... either the FBI is very stupid, or they colluded with the Obama administration to let Clinton off the hook ... and I don't think the FBI is very stupid. (UPDATE 11/20/16: The video directly below is down. I usually link to my own videos, so whoever I linked to here must have removed the video.)

Hillary Clinton, under questioning by the FBI over whether she had been briefed on how to preserve government records as she was about to leave the State Department, said she had suffered a concussion, was working part-time and could not recall every briefing she received. Clinton raised the health scare during her 3-1/2-hour interview with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department prosecutors on July 2, according to an FBI summary released on Friday.

Days after The New York Times first reported in March 2015 that Mrs. Clinton had used a private email system exclusively as secretary of state, the House committee investigating the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, asked that her emails be preserved and subpoenaed those that were related to the attacks. About three weeks later, however, an unnamed specialist “had an ‘oh shit’ moment” and realized that he had not destroyed an archive of emails that was supposed to have been deleted a year earlier, according to the new F.B.I. report.

According to the FBI's review of server logs, someone hacked Clinton's private email account on Jan. 5, 2013. The FBI's new report also revealed that one of Clinton’s IT aides enabled Remote Desktop Protocol on the server, despite its known vulnerabilities. FBI director James Comey called her and her aides’ conduct “extremely careless” (but not "negligent".)

E-mails that Hillary Clinton sent and received through her private server during her tenure as Secretary of State were archived on a personal laptop computer in 2013 by a person who was an assistant to former President Bill Clinton. Someone whose name was redacted in the FBI report told the FBI that he deleted the e-mails from the laptop but didn’t wipe its hard drive. Then laptop went missing after being put in the mail. (Did Hillary Clinton use UPS or FedEx when mailing her lost laptop?)

Clinton Foundation laptop and a thumb drive used to archive Hillary Clinton’s emails from her time as secretary of state are missing, according to FBI notes. The phrase “Clinton could not recall” litters the summary of the FBI’s investigation (over two dozen times).

Clinton told the FBI she didn't know parenthetical "C" stood for classified, and that she thought classification markings in the paragraphs of her emails at the Department of State were to organize messages in alphabetical order. (Did Clinton ever see an "A" or "B" or "D" (etc.) in any of her emails that would lead her to believe that?)

And yet, on June 17, 2011 Jake Sullivan told Clinton that aides "say they've had issues sending secure fax. They're working on it." Clinton responds, "If they can't, turn into nonpaper w no identifying heading and send non-secure." (But she didn't know that the "C" meant "classified". Right!)

According to the report, Clinton told the FBI that she did not set up a private email server to sidestep the law requiring her to keep her business communications (regarding the Clinton Foundation) a matter of public record. But documents show that Clinton contacted former Secretary of State Colin Powell in 2009 to ask about his use of a personal BlackBerry phone. In his reply to Clinton via email, Powell told Clinton to "be very careful" because the work-related emails she sent on her BlackBerry could become public record.

Hillary Clinton knew about hiding emails from the public record for 16 years. She joked about being investigated by the FBI in 2000, and asked "Why would I ever want to do email?"

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* We're all waiting for an explanation from Hillary Clinton, but it's been about 10 months since she's held a real press conference. Her press secretary said that IF ELECTED she will hold a press conference AS PRESIDENT.

Hiding Hillary

Below are links to the recent relevant headlines. The media has enough evidence to send Hillary Clinton to prison for 99 years, but Obama's Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the FBI director James Comey wants us to think otherwise — just to install Hillary Clinton as the next president. She should be indicted today and immediately replaced with Bernie Sanders. If you'll note, not all of the headlines are from radical right-wing publications, which debunks Clinton's "far right-wing conspiracy" myth.

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