Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Official® Trump Endorsement!

As a previous Bernie Sanders supporter, I've heard that I'm now called an "After Berner for Trump". Trump's recent rallies: A took his 2-hour rallies and condensed his 1-hour speeches into the most interesting 15-minutes of sound bites and posted them on my YouTube channel

I'm no longer undecided or sitting on the fence any more. After the recent Wikileaks, I can not in good conscience support Hillary Clinton in any way -- or most any Democrat -- no matter how much I might disagree with many of the Republican policy positions. This is why this previous supporter of Bernie Sanders (me) now supports Donald Trump. In a nutshell, I don't believe in rewarding liars and cheaters.

As someone who has closely monitored the media coverage of the Democratic primary, it became very apparent to me that the Clinton campaign and media were colluding to defeat Bernie Sanders; Wikileaks only confirmed my suspicions of what the Clinton campaign and the media had inferred was a "conspiracy theory". If I had not believed this, I might have accepted Sanders' defeat and bit my tongue (and swallowed my pride) and supported Clinton ... until we all learned otherwise.

But if the Democratic primary had been a fair election, I might have supported Clinton over Trump (I just wouldn't have voted for her). At first I thought the media was only giving Trump a lot of coverage for the ratings, until we learned that the Clinton campaign had colluded with the media to get Trump elected as the GOP nominee, thinking he would be easier for Clinton to beat in the general election compared to other candidates. Had I not known this, I still might have voted for Clinton as the "lesser of two evils" (or not voted at all.)

But after learning all this, how the Clinton campaign and media colluded to destroy both Sanders and Trump, and after seeing how biased the media has been, I've decided that it is crooked Hillary and the corrupt media who are the most evil, and will now support Trump - if ONLY for that reason.

I believe in fair elections, not rigged elections. I can lose something fair and square, but I get really pissed off when something is stolen from me. I hate cheaters and tend to support the underdog when they are unfairly treated.

After watching hours and hours of LIVE streams of Trump's rallies and while carefully editing his speeches for videos to unload to my YouTube channel, I've gotten to know Trump much better than what I have previously learned through short sound bites taken out of context and shown in the mainstream media. As Trump always says, THEY REALLY ARE THAT CORRUPT!

Trump always has to say he was joking and being sarcastic because the media usually reports his remarks as racist / White Supremacist / KKK-loving / Archie Bunker bigoted / totally hateful / anti-human / Nazi-Fascist / Nationalistic / protectionist / White Aryan / Islamphobic (etc.) remarks whenever that 70-year-old man mis-speaks or tries to explain his thoughts in an old-fashioned and clumsy way. The media spews so much cattle excrement! Politics really IS a very dirty business – it’s so disgusting! (And it’s mostly all about the rich getting over on the poor...because they hate to share the wealth.)

But if you want to post a comment, the best time is around 9 a.m. after I've had my coffee, checked my email, and caught up on the latest Wikileaks that has exposed all the (worse then cancer) corruption within the Democratic party. Who gives a damn about the source, the content is much more revealing (If it was Russian hackers, it’s because Putin knows Trump wouldn’t start a nuclear war like Clinton might.)

But just so ya' know, the latest Wikileaks revelations drove me from being simply anti-Hillary to Pro-Trump (I was going to sit on the fence and not vote at all); but because we're talking about the "lesser of two evils" (because now, especially compared to Trump), I don't think Trump is evil at all. I may disagree with many of his policy positions (that he wrongfully believes in, like cutting taxes for the rich), and I may not like most of the people he surrounds himself with, but at least he's not pretending to be something that he's not – he’s authentic, like I thought Bernie Sanders USED to be --- unlike the Democrats and Clintons, who are the epitome of evil incarnated.

Not ONE single human being has ever died at Trump University (although, maybe a few well-to-do naïve people got scammed by trying to get rich). But over 500,000 innocent women, children and elderly people died as a result of George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton. She LAUGHED after Gadhafi after was brutally sodomized with a knife while being killed by the local Libyan militia. A leader with “temperament” would just be humbly satisfied by the conquest of a true enemy. Only a psychopath would laugh about it!

It’s a pity what happened to Bernie Sanders – the leader of a faux pas “political revolution” – because a true revolutionary doesn’t endorse their enemy after they’ve been conquered/vanquished -- they die for their cause. Maybe his grandchildren WERE threatened by the Clinton/Democratic machine (#bodycount); but maybe (as horrific as it might sound), if that were the case, they should have been sacrificed for the “greater cause” – for the TRUTH, for the future of millions of other people in the generations to come. Because Bernie Sanders's grandparents had died in the Holocaust, he had this cowardly and morbid obsession that Trump was another Hitler...very weird shit...when we all know it’s the bankers who control almost every aspect of our daily lives, not racists or bigots like Hitler.

I have volumes more to say on the topic, but I've taken too much of your time with my rant already, but I'll close this post with a good conscience. Most people are born with a natural sense of "right" and "wrong", but no matter how many things an honest and objective person can find wrong with Trump -- or me, or millions of other "irredeemable deplorables" (that the LGBTQ community laughed at during that Clinton fundraiser), I believe in my heart-of-hearts (and soul), that the Clintons (Hillary, Bill and Chelsea) and her minions (surrogates, those in the media and the super-delegates) are 1,000 times worse.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it -- and I hate Country and Western music -- I like classic rock ;)

UPDATE: October 13, 2016 -- Trump delivered a scathing speech today and took no prisoners. Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, crooked Hillary Clinton, FBI director James Comey, the media, the lobbyists, the whole corrupt establishment. A MUST WATCH SPEECH! It's driving a lot of controversy and the corrupt cable news channels are treating Trump like crap (even Fox News), which only proves what Trump had said in his speech today.


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    Who does the late George Carlin sound like the most, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? HINT: Read Wikileaks, then vote accordingly on Nov. 8th, 2016.

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  4. I've read your blog for years, and stopped for a bit when I switched phones and lost the links to my favorite blogs. I love this. I'm an after Berner too who voted Trump. Just like you, I could not vote for Hilary. I've always voted Democrat and I cannot believe the Democrat party supported Hillary even know they knew she had no chance of winning
    . It was obvious to me that she wasn't going to win before I had even change my mind and decided to vote for Trump