Friday, October 14, 2016

Trump blasts the New York Times in Greensboro NC

Currently, the Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim is the 4th richest person in the world, gives millions to the Clinton Foundation (and speaks there), and is the largest shareholder of the New York Times (the paper who wrote the "groping" story about Trump.

After leaving the State Department -- but before running for President -- on February 17, 2014 Hillary Clinton (with Secret Service protection) gave a speech to Novo Nordisk in Mexico City for $125,000. Recently Wikileaks showed that Hillary Clinton is all in for "open borders". And remember, it was Bill Clinton who sighed the NAFTA trade agreement that allowed so many American jobs go to Mexico ... and Donald Trump wants to build a wall.

* Sorry for the quality of the audio in the video below (maybe Trump got an other bum microphone), but the "content" is more important, like the size of his crowds ;)

The media has been pounding Trump 24/7 about "groping" stories, but yet, HE is the one being told to "just stick to the issues". WTF!? Then why doesn't Clinton "just stick to the issues"? She doesn't mind talking about the "groping" stories!

On October 14, 2016 at his rally in Greensboro, NC -- Trump commented on the recent allegations made against him in the New York Times about alleged "groping" incidents -- and the media's complicity in pushing a slanderous and "controversial" story.

But whenever confronted about her controversies, Hillary Clinton always says we should be talking about the real issues. But when everybody is talking about Trump's womanizing, or the possible false allegations of groping, or his private locker room banter, Clinton is perfectly happy to be NOT talking about any of the issues (aside from the usual campaign slogans that someone else writes for her.)

At the exact same time when Wikileaks released new emails exposing the corruption within the Democratic Party, the Clinton campaign, the Clinton Foundation and the corporate media --- SUDDENLY --- a few women came forward (after 10, 20 and 30 years) to make allegations that Trump had groped them.

Then the corporate media reported on those allegations every hour of the day for several days in a row (sometimes ignoring hurricanes and airplane crashes) to give this story the maximum coverage and the maximum possible exposure (as though it were REAL news, rather than cheap tabloid gossip).

And then when Trump defended himself, the media and political pundits (on both sides of the aisle) said he spends too much time on this subject and that he should pivot and move on to spend more time discussing the real issues. (even though the 24/7 media MADE this an issue!)

In contrast, the media has barely given any time at all to reporting on all the many bombshell revelations that we've learned from Wikileaks, and Clinton herself hasn't been asked by anyone in the media -- and if she were, she'd either ignore the question entirely, or deny everything, or say she doesn't remember.

At the very most, when pressured (like on her email server or vote for Iraq), Clinton might say, "I'm sorry. It was a mistake. It'll never happen again" -- but she never actually has to take any real responsibility for any of her actions -- and she never has to pay any real penalty, knowing full well that President Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI director James Comey would never prosecute her. So she just keeps on campaigning as though Wikileaks doesn't even exist.

So unlike Trump, Clinton doesn't have to spend near as much time defending herself, because (for the most part) the media gives her a free pass, while holding Trump's feet to the fire every time he sneezes.

But when Trump pushes back on any allegations, he's severely criticized. So Clinton benefits both ways: the allegations themselves (as a distraction from the Wikileaks reports), and the added distractions from Trump's defense.

This is why Trump made that very widely covered speech the day before in West Palm Beach, Florida (on 10/13/2016) when he blasted the media, President Obama, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI director James Comey -- Full speech here:

* Trump's full speech on Friday, October 14, 2016 at his rally in Greensboro, NC at the White Oak ​White Oak Amphitheater.

The 10 Richest people in the World per Forbes 

#1 Bill Gates $75 Billion (Microsoft)
#2 Amancio Ortega $67 Billion (Spain)
#3 Warren Buffett $61 Billion (Obama/Clinton supporter)
#4 Carlos Slim Helu $50 Billion (Mexico)
#5 Jeff Bezos $45 Billion (Washington Post, Amazon: anti-Trump and anti-Sanders)
#6 Mark Zuckerberg $47 Billion (Facebook)
#7 Larry Ellison $44 Billion (Oracle)
#8 Michael Bloomberg $40 Billion (former NYC mayor, Clinton supporter)
#9 Charles Koch $40 Billion (Big oil)
#9 David Koch $40 Billion (Big oil)* Hillary Clinton directed her IT people (who had no security clearance) to wipe her server clean AFTER she received a subpoena from Congress. This
is called "obstruction of justice". ANYBODY ELSE would have went to jail -- just for that alone! The FBI director (James Comey) is corrupt, just as
Trump says. What's worse, Hillary and Bill Clinton's "actions" or Trump's "words".

* MSNBC: Bill Clinton's relationship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

* Fox News: Flight logs show Bill Clinton flew on sex offender's jet much more than previously known

* Trump may have called some women "fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals" (most of the time, in the context of "entertainment"); but Bill Clinton treated under-aged little girls that way (in the context of personal pleasure) -- and Hillary defended his actions while getting the rapist of a 12-year-old off the hook with only 2 months of jail time -- and laughed about him passing a polygraph test!


  1. Your list of richest people did not take into account royalty. The king of Thailand (who just died) may have been worth around 53 billion, with estimates of his wealth ranging between 30 to 60 billion dollars. That country must be the most glaring example of how the rich elites takes all the riches for themselves and suppresses the poor. The last democratically elected prime minister was deposed by a military coup and now lives an 'ordinary life'.

    The death of Thailand's king leaves a very interesting succession story that's playing out:

    1. Good point, but that's just the wealth their governments are aware of. I'm quite sure there is $ trillions hidden away and stashed in cash, gold, precious stones, art, etc...


  3. The media bias against Trump is so strong, it is a disgrace

    Let's see what happens in two days time, but I am resigned that Crooked Hillary may win. Maybe having a female leader may not be such a bad thing. Watch this video of the glamorous ex prime minister of Thailand