Saturday, October 15, 2016

Trump, Clinton, Al Gore, the Media and Internet

The video embedded below contains highlights from Trump's second rally on that day (the first one is here). It includes "Women for Trump" with "Diamond and Silk" in Charlotte, NC at the PNC Music Pavilion on October 14, 2016 (Not Trump's usual talking points.) NOTE: When editing Trump's speeches, I try to only use the most interesting, rare and unique moments not seen on cable news. Sometimes it's very hard to cram a whole rally into a 15-minute video. But for much more information and details on Trump's policy positions (that he usually gives in his stump speeches), visit Rightside Broadcasting at their YouTube channel to see his full rallies:

BEWARE!!! A suspected sexual predator is campaigning with a suspected man-hater (the wife of a known sexual predator) while falsely accusing their opponent of being a sexual predator!

Al Gore - Sexual Predator

Long before there was the internet (which former vice-president Al Gore claimed he had invented), most of us wouldn't run to our local library to fact-check everything the local news programs reported. For the most part (to some extent), we mostly believed them. We trusted them. After all, it was "the news", right? So they wouldn't lie to us, right?

But now that we DO have the internet, it's so much easier to fact-check. And since that time (when the internet was invented), we've also had 24/7 cable news — so that gave us a heck of a lot of fact-checking to do! And we've learned (to our horror) that those slimy "news" people have been lying to us all along!

These days, when we're watching cable news channels (like CNN, MSNBC or Fox), we're not getting real "news" most of the time, but just "political commentary". The mainstream media (which is controlled by six large corporations called "The Big Six" and controls 90% of the information we get), operates more like propaganda machines to benefit themselves and their corporate advertisers.

And ever since Al Gore invented the internet (he-he!), he's made millions of dollars selling "climate change" while traveling around the country on a private jet. He's since been accused of sexual assault; and these days he's currently campaigning for Hillary Clinton, who also says we should worry about climate change (while selling fracking all over the world). So it's odd that she would attack Trump on climate change, but Trump says "nuclear warming" is the biggest threat to the world, not "global warming". It's ironic, since Clinton had no problem at all selling uranium to Russia.

Hillary Clinton accused Bernie Sanders's supporters of not doing their own research, but we did — on the internet. And we've learned that she's a big liar (even though many of us have already known this LONG before there was the internet).

But thanks to the internet, we can also watch all of Trump's speeches, and not just the short sound bites that Clinton's media wants us to hear on their news channels and in their newspapers.

Currently she and her media are trying to make Trump out to be a sexual predator. But thanks to the internet (that a real sexual predator, Al Gore, had invented), we've learned that it's Hillary Clinton's husband who is the REAL sexual predator (and she was his enabler), and not Donald Trump.

Maybe Trump was (or still is) a wealthy womanizing/sexist "playboy", but not the monster Clinton and her media wants us to believe. Thanks to the internet (and the website Wikileaks), we know who the real liars are now . . . and it's not Donald J. Trump. It's people like the Clintons (all of them), President Barack Obama and his wife, Attorney General Loretta Lynch (and previously Eric Holder) and the FBI director James Comey who are the REAL liars.

Elect Trump, and he will clean out this corruption that's been eating away at the insides of this great country like cancer for the past 40 or more years. Otherwise, if you vote for Clinton, you'll just be perpetuating everything George Carlin warned us about in his famous skit known as "The American Dream" — where you'd have to be asleep to believe it . . . much like the members of Clinton's cult (excluding the members of her cartel, such as the super-delegates, CEOs, lobbyists and bankers — who all profit from the corruption).

George Carlin - It's a Big Club and You Ain't In It! (The American Dream)

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