Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Clinton's "Daisy Girl" attack ad against Trump

(* I'm not providing the link to the video because it's total bullshit. I provided my own video at the bottom of this post.)

Hillary for Prison!

Some notes on Hillary Clinton's new "Daisy Girl" attack ad against Trump:

Can Donald Trump UNILATERALLY (just on his say-so alone) arm other countries with nuclear weapons? Or is Hillary Clinton using FEAR rather than INSPIRATION to get votes?

And how can you trust someone with nukes who has said "I don't remember" 39 times to the FBI?

If Hillary Clinton has the launch codes, will she say: "I'm sorry. It was a mistake. It'll never happen again."

Trump often says at his rallies that his biggest fear isn't "global warming" but "nuclear warming."

Right now the Obama administration and the Democrats have been blaming Russia for hacking John Podesta's email account and providing documents to Wikileaks just to get Trump elected (even while saying the documents may have been altered, but at the same time, not denying the authenticity of the documents.)

The Obama administration and the Democrats say we should be concerned about Russian hackers influencing our election, and playing down the actual CONTENT in those emails. But if the Democrats and Clinton were so concerned about these "supposed" Russian hackers, then why weren't they very concerned about Clinton's private email server?

Also, those INTEL agencies that Clinton cited (without actually naming any) that were claiming the emails were hacked by Russians were political statements not grounded on any evidence whatsoever, which is very dangerous when you're accusing a foreign power like Russia without any proof at all.

If we are to be fearful of Russia, why does Clinton want a U.S. no-fly zone in Syria? Hasn't she done enough harm in the Middle-East already?

Wasn't it Obama who first broke with protocol and hinted that the U.S. would never launch a first strike? Trump deliberately keeps our potential foes in the dark for strategic purposes ... like not announcing in advance when we're about to launch an attack on Mosul.

If Hillary Clinton is concerned with nuclear war, why did she facilitate the transfer of 25% of America's uranium over to the Russians -- and for a payoff of $145 million?

Under Hillary, the Saudis and Qataris have destabilized Syria with their support for ISIS. Due to Saudi and Qatari donations to the Clinton Foundation, Hillary has looked the other way and not only supported them, but a whole host of Syrian radicals, bringing us to the brink of open warfare with Russia.

You can always tell what a Democrat is doing, because they always accuse their opposition of it. In this case, Hillary is the one who will get us involved in nuclear strikes.

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  1. It seems the FBI is subtly fighting back against the Clinton cabal