Thursday, November 3, 2016

Trump Video Channel Sabotaged!

Trump rally on November 2, 2016 in Pensacola, Fl

Crowd Size Matters!

Donald Trump frequently complains during his speeches that the mainstream media (such #CNN, ABC, #MSNBC and others) do not show the size of his crowds, because as Clinton supporters, they don't want to show their TV viewing audiences just how much support he is receiving.

There is one Y*uTube channel that is the exception to the rule: RightSide Broadcasting Network (RSBN) — an independent and self-funded operation that relies solely on donations -- and is EXCLUSIVELY for Trump related events. The group travels all over the country with their camera to give us awesome crowds shots of the people and the venues...including pre-rally and post-rally events.

On Wednesday Novmenebr 2nd, Trump held three rallies. His 1st rally was held in Miami Florida, followed by Orlando and Pensacola ... but RSBN could not broadcast their great crowds shots that day because they had been sabotaged on 3 fronts at the same time:

  1. Somebody (most likely someone in the mainstream media) used a device to erase all the data from RSBN's new LIVE-stream camera that was set up in
    the media pit while the cameraman was on break before the first rally had started in Miami that day. (Previously, while at other rallies, RSBN had
    the cables to their camera severed.)
  2. Also that day, RSBN (for no reason at all) had their PayPal account suddenly frozen, so they didn't have access to their funds.
  3. Also that day, RSBN had their Y*uTube video feed suspended, without any previous warning, or advance notice, or any reason given — per the owner
    of the channel, Jacob "Joe" Seales.

More at this about the sabotage of RSBN where Wayne Dupree speaks to Joe Seales, the founder of RSBN. Seales is also a very talented musician who also creates the music for RSBN.)

All 3 of those things happening at once is very suspicious. IMHO, it had to have been done in collusion with one another, because 3 things happening at the same time is
more than a mere coincidence. It's most definitely a conspiracy by several major corporations (working on behalf of Hillary Clinton) to shut down Trump.

Since then (Wednesday) RSNB had reported later that day that they rectified the situation and will begin streaming as normal the following day on Thursday, November 3, 2016 (links below) where Trump will be holding 3 rallies in 3 States (UPDATE: It appears they are still having problems as of this post.)

The video below are highlights I edited from one of Trump's rallies from Wednesday in Pensacola, Florida. At the start of the rally Trump joked to himself: "Stay on point, Donald. Stay on point. No sidetracks, Donald. Nice and easy". The crowd was maximum capacity (but with no cameras from RSNB to show it), which was 10,000 at the Hunter Amphitheater at Maritime Park, according to the Pensacola Fire Department. CNN reporter Ashley Killough reported between 6,000 and 8,000 supporters showed up ... that's because #CNNSucks!

The 3 rallies scheduled for Thursday (November 3, 2016)  are...

1st rally) LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Jacksonville, FL 11/3/16

2nd rally) LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Concord, NC 11/3/16

3rd rally ) LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Selma, NC 11/3/16

* RSBN's YouTube channel with past and upcoming events:

* Jacob "Joe" Seales's music:

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