Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Donald J. Trump's Victory Speech - Nov 9, 2016

Trump made history by defying all odds to become the first self-made billionaire to become President of the U.S.

Fox News called the election. Clinton was a no-show at her victory party, but called Trump to concede. Podesta sent everyone home to wait for the results. The pundits at CNN were not very happy. Those at MSNBC were very miserable. Even some at Fox News seemed sad and equally shocked.

At Clinton's victory party John Podesta told Clinton's supporters that they should all go home, get some sleep, and to come back the next day for the final results, saying, "Every vote counts". But at the time, Podesta knew very well that Clinton had lost; and just like Clinton, did not want to face all those people to concede their embarrassing defeat.

A few pundits on Fox News, who were the first to declare Trump the winner (because CNN and MSNBC had colluded with the Clinton campaign and were still in denial), did not sound very complementary to Trump's victory either, even though Trump's speech at his own victory party was very gracious and "presidential". It's no wonder we all hate the corporate media. Many people believe the owner of Fox News and many of their pundits (such as Megyn Kelly) secretly wanted Clinton to win.

The lies, dirty tricks and corruption of the Clinton cartel, the DNC, the Democratic party and the Obama administration, were soundly defeated at the ballot box by a majority of Americans — but that does not mean "hate trumps love". It just means THE PEOPLE can defeat crooked politicians when the FBI won't -- in part, and thanks to, Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

As usual, all the corrupt corporate-sponsored media polls were WAY off ... because they had wanted Trump's supporters to be discouraged and stay home and not vote — just like they did with Bernie Sanders. But those on the Trump Train proudly stood their ground and didn't fall for that old trick this time.

Now the question becomes: Will Obama give Crooked Hillary and all the members of her criminal cartel a full pardon before leaving office? Or will someone finally be indicted for all their crimes?

* NOTE: The building where Clinton was to give her victory speech (the Javits Center in Manhattan) has a glass ceiling. But she never showed up at her party.

* For the next 2 years President Trump will have a majority in both the House and the Senate. Obama's only "legacy" (ObamaCare) as America's first Black president will be destroyed. (But he'll still have his #1 billion Presidential Library.)

President Doanald J. Trump

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  1. Trump's youngest son (Barron) looked bored that his dad was just elected to be President of the United States ... as though he'd rather be home playing video games ;) -- Poor kid. It was probably WAY past his bedtime.

  2. Well, Bud, "what a long, strange trip it's been", eh? I've followed your blog for many years... from its inception in 2008 'til today... through all the ch-ch-ch-changes... and it's been a pleasure. It's been an odyssey for both of us. Thank you, and I look forward to "four, more, years" :D

    1. Thanks Jonathan, I appreciate that. I don't blog as often because I've been on Twitter a lot and editing a lot of videos for my YouTube channel. Maybe soon I'll be writing more. Sometimes I post mini-blogs in the description of the videos I post.

  3. To all my FORMER friends...

    I know you all hate me for supporting Trump (even though I never hated you for supporting Clinton); and I know you're all hurt and/or angry about the election results. So for that, I want to offer my condolences. But I wanted to say a few things (You don't have to reply, and if you attack, I won't bother you any more.)

    First of all, I don’t at all believe Trump is a racist or a misogynist. DNCLeaks showed that this was the narrative the Democrats had planned for months in advance, and not just against Trump (they painted Bernie as a sexist too.) Trump's top campaign manager is Kellyanne Conway (a woman). Trump's top national spokespersons are Katrina Pierson (who is half Black and a woman), A. J. Delgado (who is Latina and a woman) and Dr. Ben Carson (who is Black). Trump may have been a womanizer, but he's not a woman-hater. If you disagree with him on the abortion issue, that is a religious and moral issue for him, because Trump has evolved on this and doesn't believe a woman should abort just days prior to giving birth (as he mentioned in a debate with Clinton). Trump is strongly supported by Milwaukee sheriff David Clarke (who is Black). The women known as "Diamond and Silk" (who are Black) regularly traveled to speak for Trump at his rallies. There are a few Black pastors that regularly stump for Trump on cables news (the list goes on and on).

    Trump never said ALL Mexicans are rapists and murders. He doesn't want to "ban all Muslims". His words and his intentions have been exaggerated beyond the pale. He's come out against the KKK (who endorsed Hillary in 2008). Trump hires thousands on Blacks, Latinos and women in various positions in all his businesses. The housing discrimination lawsuit against him in the early 70's was exaggerated too. It was a common practice called "red-lining" that the bankers used before lending money to people of color because statistically they had bad credit ratings (through no fault of their own, because they were discriminated against in employment, etc.). At his Florida Country Club Trump was the first to invite Blacks, women and Jews when others had discriminated. The Democrats (with the media) pushed the narrative that he was racist and misogynist to diminish and hurt him in the election - - - they never complained before.

    I say all this because we've had 8 years of the Clintons, then 8 years of the Bushs, then 8 years of the Obamas. So why not at least give Trump a small chance before launching attacks on him so early. We can always vote him out if he screws up in 4 years. As you know, I supported Bernie -- mostly because of his stand on trade -- and why I like Trump, whose stand on trade is even better than Bernie's. That DOES NOT make me a racist.

    I have Mexican relatives: an aunt and 1st cousins whose mother was from Mexico. I could care less about a wall (that may or may not ever get built); but even so, who would it hurt? It doesn't give me a reason to hate Trump. I personally don't like many of the people Trump associates with (like Chris "Bridge-gate" Christy), so I'm holding my opinion as to how they govern. But as usual, I'll probably be just as critical of them as I've been of the Democrats since they screwed over Bernie (and because of all the Wikileaks revelations showing all the corruption.)

    But I just wanted to let you know, I don't hate you at all. And hope you'll find forgiveness in your heart for me some day. (No Arthur, no interview. I saw all the anti-Trump riots and the violent protesters at his rallies ... and I don’t want to be target).

    Good luck you all!

  4. I would have still been with Bernie if he had not shown weakness by not challenging the Clinton machine on the voter fraud. And on top of that he endorsed her! Trump has proven to be much stronger (and not just in a "bully" way). It could take someone like Trump to beat the Clinton machine.

    I also like Trump's trade policy -- EXTREMELY -- a lot! And poor Bernie, he has this morbid fear of Trump, as though he were Hitler (Sanders' father's family was killed during the Holocaust).

    I'm not opposed to Trump's immigration policy either. He's not talking about deporting 11 million "undocumented" people ... Mostly just the criminals and repeat offenders that take refuge in sanctuary cities. He wants to go after the gang members and drug dealers; not grandmothers, gardeners, maids, or kids in college. He's not going to lock up ordinary working people for no reason and put them in camps like we did the Japanese during WWII. He doesn't want to "BAN ALL MUSLIMS" either -- he wants to "suspend" immigration for those coming from Syria until we come up with a plan for "extreme vetting" for ISIS.

    On trade though, Trump rocks. He talks about personally calling up the CEO of FORD the next time they close a plant to tell him that if they want to import their cars back into the country, there will be a 35% tariff. I LOVE THAT!

    All the BS about Trump being a racist is just BS. The Clintons are more racist than anyone. They use that to fear-monger, and frankly, I'm very insulted by that. Clinton always says "love trumps hate", but she and her supporters seem to be the ones with all the hate in their hearts.

    And there was Bernie's 3rd mistake...not taking Dr. Jill Stein up on her offer to run in the Green Party. We have to admit, as inspired as we were by Sanders's speeches and his solid history for working on behalf of the poor and working-class, he just quite didn't have what it takes to take on the POWERFUL Clinton cartel. Even with Trump, it was close. The fact that the establishment Republicans were against him, made Trump look even better.

    Ironically, Bernie and Trump have a lot in common 1) trade 2) their disdain for the media ;)

    Obama said, "If I only watched Fox News, I wouldn't vote for me either." So I tweeted him: "If I only watched CNN and MSNBC, I wouldn't vote for Trump." I watched Trump's rallies and saw how the media and Democrats took sound bites out of context to make him look bad. Very dishonest.

    And Wikileaks was the final straw...the feather that broke the camel's back. The Dems are just too corrupt. I'd rather vote for someone I disagree with rather that someone I can't trust.

    Yes, Sanders should have ran as a 3rd party candidate. The country was ripe. But he lacked confidence. Trump has plenty -- and he had EVERYTHING against him. That takes balls.

    Clinton lost, and the Democrats only have themselves to blame: 1) for rigging the election against Bernie 2) for nominating a career criminal (because they are too) 3) and for ignoring the "working class" for decades (aka "white uneducated men"). We can't all afford college, and we can't all be smart enough to go to college, but we still need to work! But the Democrats (and the GOP) offshored all or jobs!

    Maybe Trump can drain the swamp. If not, we can vote for someone else in 2020.

  5. As mean as the GOP is to the poor, the corruption within the Democratic party has metastasized to almost every niche and cranny of government. If it takes an Independent hybrid Republican (Trump) to drain the swamp, then so be it.

    Both the Republicans and the Democrats have screwed us on the minimum wage and allowed the tax code to favor the very rich (such as the capital gain tax). And both parties have screwed us on trade deals that has allowed the offshoring of our jobs and the decline of the middle-class — which as a businessman, Trump has taken advantage of to operate on a level playing field with competitors; but opposes it in principle. He wasn't pushed in that direction by someone else in the GOP primary, like Clinton was by Bernie Sanders when he ran against her -- although, Trump may have recognized its great appeal and adopted it as part of his platform.

    While on the campaign trail, Trump has witnessed the devastation to our manufacturing base (70,000 factories closed since Bill Clinton's NAFTA). We also can't expect Trump to NOT take advantage of a tax code that allows him to write off large capital losses when the real estate market tanked - - again, a tax code that both Republicans and Democrats have written and allowed for -- an advantage that Clinton has criticized Trump for; but also an advantage that her own wealthy donors have also used (Warren and Soros). So it was hypocritical for Clinton to attack Trump for doing it.

    Also, Clinton is raking in millions of dollars from special interests; Trump isn't, and like Bernie Sanders, he has many small donors -- but Trump's campaign is mostly self-funded. Clinton hasn't spent a dime of her own money on her campaign; Trump will NOT be beholden to lobbyists, but Clinton will.

    Clinton only NOW says she "might" raise the cap on Social Security to make the trust fund solvent; but opposed it when she ran against Obama; and she also opposed it when she ran against Bernie Sanders (saying it was a tax on the "middle-class"); and only vaguely makes promises to fix it now to be politically expedient.

    John Podesta 's emails and Wikileaks shows what we've already known about Clinton: she can't be trusted and has poor judgment, a trait that even those closest to her says is true. Clinton's foreign policy has led to death and destruction for hundreds of thousands of human beings. The death rate for Trump University stands at ZERO. When Clinton vanquishes an enemy, she pompously gloats like a psychopath ("We came, we saw, he died.") I suspect that Trump would just take proud satisfaction for a job well done.

    Trump made most of his money in real estate investments (as an American capitalist), whereas Clinton made her money off of her political connections and through her charity scheme like a mob boss. The choice is clear. Clinton for more corruption in government, or Trump to drain her swamp. Clinton is a GLOBALIST that promotes open trade and borders. She would have passed TPP, TiSA and TTIP. Trump will re-negotiate our bad trade deals, impose tariffs on American importers who outsource our jobs, and he will make America great again. And if he wants to build a damn wall, who exactly would be hurt? Drug lords?

  6. Why we voted for Trump: "Election Aftershock Of The Mainstream Media"

  7. At one time I would have preferred Bernie Sanders’s platform and Bernie "the man" over Trump’s platform. But no more, because the Democrats insisted on installing Clinton and her world view. So after Bernie was screwed I decided I wouldn’t support either candidate (not choosing the better of two evils, or swinging the election by voting 3rd party).

    But after studying Trump more, I decided that (even though I didn’t like his platform as much as Bernie’s), he would be the better candidate than Clinton, because most of what I heard and read about Trump in the MSM (including Fox News) wasn’t true -- or greatly exaggerated -- or short sound bites taken out of context. Trump, like Sanders, has great distain for the media – and for the same reasons – and for the same reasons I do. They have their own agenda, they are part of the club, and guess what, as Geroge Carlin said: “We’re not in it.”

    Neither establishment Democrats nor establishment Republicans had supported Trump ... and as Trump said many times on the campaign trail, he was the "ultimate outsider". (Ironic that both Clinton and Bush were once friendly with Trump, but now both Bush and Clinton are against Trump and the Bushs support Clinton over Trump). Establishment Republicans swung towards Clinton, but many Independent voters who wanted Bernie, swung towards Trump (like myself, and maybe for many of the same reasons).

    Every day during this election cycle I have spent all day long reading and monitoring the news from ALL sources, and I have seen the bias that is so prevalent. Just yesterday I heard CNN’s Jake Tapper pushing the “ban all Muslims” meme even though Trump has better clarified his position on this a long time ago. And Bernie is doing the same thing.

    The Democrats used the Gold Star parents of Army Captain Humayun Khan (A Muslim who died in Iraq) to push the narrative that under Trump’s policy, people like Khan would never have bravely served and died for the U.S. – but he immigrated here 38 years ago at the age of 4 -- long before ISIS. (Ironically: Clinton had voted for Iraq where Khan died; and Clinton and Obama actually kill Muslims. Trump hasn’t). And the same can be said that if Khan’s mother had decided to have an abortion, people like Khan would never have bravely served and died for the U.S. either. It’s a bad argument and has no relevance to the situation today. The aborted baby today COULD HAVE been the next President. These hypothetical arguments don’t apply to Trump wanting to use “extreme vetting” for migrants from Syria. It has nothing to do with Muslim-Americans living here now.

    A Syrian refugee (no matter what their faith) doesn’t have a legal American Constitution Right to immigrate to the U.S. -- but if you wanted to make a case for human rights, or open borders, or religious arguments (bla, bla, bla) – that would be entirely different, and that would be a valid argument. But to say you oppose open borders doesn’t make one a racist or that someone hates a certain faith. A Muslim woman was on TV today and she supports Trump and explained that there is indeed a bug problem with radicals in the Islamic faith, and that people weren’t talking openly and honestly about the problem. Here she in the link below in the REPLY to this comment (The interview is probably on video somewhere.)

    1. Muslim Reform Movement' Founder: I Don't Fear Donald Trump, I Fear Islamic Extremism

      Further note: I wasn’t indoctrinated or brainwashed by the media or a political party or by any specific politician. I made what I thought was an informed choice base on a consensus of many various sources of information. And because I use critical thinking, I can change my mind if there is persuasive evidence. I never take anybody’s WORD for anything, but at first, give them the benefit of the doubt -- until they lie to me or prove otherwise. The Democrats have been lying like dogs for a long time --- and I did not want to wake up with fleas (even if I’m not in love with the GOP platform). Give peace and Trump a chance. And no, hate doesn’t trump love. That’s not at all why I preferred Trump over Clinton. She lied about everything!

    2. POST: #AsraNomani: I’m a #Muslim, a woman and an immigrant. I voted for #Trump.

      VIDEO: #AraNomani tells #CNN's #CarolCostello why she's #Muslim and voted for #Trump.

  8. i get why you went with trump Bud. Trump = change, HRC = no change. Now i must admit i hate trump as a person, i hate that we have a wealthy 1%'er as president.

    BUT i do agree with you about his position on trade. Like you said he basically agrees with Bernie's stance on free trade.

    I would love to see him slap a 45% tariff on chinese goods made by US Manufacturers and re-imported into this country. Nothing would make me happier than to see sellout economists like Paul Krugman shit their pants.

    Here's the thing. I don't think he'll do it. I hope to be wrong on this one point in Trumps ideas i really do. But i think once he's in office he will be co-opted by the same forces that strangled Obama the hope and change guy.

    But if he does do that, send me your address i'll write you a check for $100.00.

    1. I have a Pay Pal account on this page. You can use your debit card ;)

      Trump didn't take any money from lobbyists to run his camapign. That's the beauty of it (as he pointed out at all his rallies). He says he never has to take anyone's phone calls if doesn't want to because he owes no one anything expect the people who actually voted for him.

      You have 4 years to save up $100 ;)

    2. i hear you. Make no doubt if he does impose a tariff i will indeed pay up. Those dark forces are very very powerful. Let's just see what happens.

      best regards

  9. Trump can be a vulgar, insensitive and crass and might be a sexist, womanizing, adulterous philanderer – but I don’t think he’s a sexual predator, pedophile or rapist ... like others we know are. But Bill Clinton is innocent, but that doesn't matter anyway, because HE wasn't running President. Right? OK.

    And it’s all Trump’s fault that people are now rioting and 6 people were shot and killed during the Trump riots so far (including two police officers) because the media, Bernie Sanders, Barak Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Tim Kaine and Bill and Hillary Clinton had NOTHING to do with stoking the fear of misogynist, rapist, racist, pedophile, hater, murderer, killer, devil, Satan worshipper, groper (etc) .... even after it was THEY who did all the fear-mongering to get votes --- as though the Democrats deserved to hold all the power for the next 50 years.

    We’ve have violent riots and beatings and lootings and burnings because Trump is supposed to be all those horrible things --- AFTER he turned Republican and AFTER he began running against Clinton. It’s Trump’s supporters who are the haters and “love trumps hate”. Right? OK.

    The Clintonites are all in mourning as though JFK had just been assassinated --- (reminds me of the people of North Korea after their leader had died) --- with people saying they’re going to kill themselves because Clinton lost the election or move to Canada (but not Mexico) because Trump isn’t their president --- and they think it was WE who drank the Kool-aid? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!

    The Democraps used the same strategy on Trump that they used on Bernie Sanders. F' them all! I did my #Demexit.

  10. Trump mentioned (ONCE on the Howard Stern show) a lukewarm support for the Iraq war. He didn’t call it the gold standard 45 times. He didn’t flip flop on Keystone pipeline (he always wanted it). He didn’t flip flop against gay marriage (but always supported civil unions so they could receive federal benefits like Social Security). If “evolving” is a “good” thing, then why shouldn’t Trump be able to change his mind like Clinton and other politicians do? Should someone stubbornly cling to a wrong decision out of pride?

    I don’t think the Clintons and the Trumps were ever that good of friends (like their daughters are). They may have traveled in the same social circles. As a businessman, Trump gave donations to both the GOP and the Democrats ... and the wedding invitation and golf games may have just been part of doing business to curry favors.

    trump is not a war-monger like GWB and HRC. At all his rallies he criticized the fact that we spent so much money on wars abroad when we could have used that money fixing our infrastructure twice over.

    The electoral college prevents major population centers on the West and East coast from having all the political power. Otherwise, we’d only have ONE political party. HRC had all those popular votes from California, and because of California (and the Black vote in the South), it also gave her the vast majority of her lead over Bernie Sanders in the primary. Now they’re rioting in California because Trump was elected. Maybe they should have voted for Bernie. ya think?

    Why is the White-working class (non-college educated White men and women) being bashed and called racist for voting Trump when it was the Democratic party that abandoned them? Many of the people who voted Trump this time had voted for Obama in the last two elections. Now we have Van Jones on CNN complaining about the White Lash.

    Clinton had EVERY ADVANTAGE IN THE WORLD over Trump, but still lost. The Dems should have nominated Bernie, but the Clinton Foundation had carefully nurtured a cult following of Democrats over the years that stood behind her – bound by their misguided and corrupt loyalty -- in the face of all the realistic facts. They only have themselves to blame, but now they’re blaming everyone else BUT themselves.

    Maybe now Bernie and Warren and an HONEST DNC chair (not the lobbyist Howard Dean) can clean up the Clinton mess. But when Warren and Sanders continues their divisive hyperbole about Trump and racism, it really turns me off. Even before Bernie lost the primary to Clinton, his remarks about Trump back then bothered me ... while letting HRC slide on the private email server. That may have helped contribute to his defeat during the primary (besides the rigging, Clinton lies and media bias).

  11. All throughout history Americans have screwed everyone else. We killed the buffalo and the native Indians (“indigenous people”) and forced them onto reservations. We dissed the British King! We used “Manifest Destiny” to take Northern Mexico from the Spaniards (who had taken the land from THOSE indigenous people, and who had killed millions with disease). We screwed the Russians by buying Alaska for pennies on the dollar. The same with the French in the Louisiana Purchase. We relocated the indigenous people from Pacific Islands for testing our nuclear weapons and claimed many of those islands as US sovereign territory. We enslaved millions of Blacks from Africa and worked them like dogs and killed them if they tried to escape (sometime we hung them for no reason at all). We used the child labor of European immigrants in New York, Philadelphia and elsewhere. We nuked Japan (twice). We set entire cities on fire in Germany. We interned hundreds of thousands of Japanese-Americans during WWII. Our military used LSD and mind control experiments on unsuspecting college kids – and we sent thousands more to Vietnam to suffer and die; then spat on the survivors when they returned home. Then there was George W. Bush and the economic collapse — and his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now we have Trump, who wants to build a wall to keep out gang members and drug dealers (the horror!). I wonder where America be in the next 200 years. Opps! Forgot. It won't. Climate change. By then we’ll all be dead and I guess we’ll all end up in Hell (except for Democrats, of course).

  12. I'm just trying to comprehend all the consternation, worry, anxiety and fear of "doom and gloom" — and then condense it into a worse case scenario to see if the actual results turn out to be surprisingly the opposite.

    I can understand why Time-Warner (CNN) and Comcast (MSNBC), who both colluded with and donated to Clinton's campaign, would want to report so negatively on Trump and generate so much fear-mongering (because for one thing, they wanted the TPP trade, whereas Trump doesn't). Overall Fox News, on the other hand, was (at the very most) only lukewarm on Trump (except for maybe Sean Hannity and his guests), because Murdoch & Co. wanted someone more establishment (Moderate/Centrist/Third Way) such as Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton (the "swamp" that Trump wants to drain). Most Republicans agreed with Clinton and Obama on TPP (before Bernie forced her to oppose it); and she said she had changed her mind after learning more about it (after supporting it 45 times and calling it the gold standard, but never saying exactly what she finally learned about it that made her change her mind).

    An then there was Wikileaks that showed she favored "open borders" (as does her biggest supporter, George Soros, who took the same tax write-offs on capital losses just as Trump did). But when Clinton was asked about open borders, she says she was referring to "energy" (which everyone knows isn't true). If someone supports open borders, that's fine...that's their opinion, but al least admit it. But opposing open borders doesn't make one a racist either. The term "nationalistic" pops up a lot by Democrats in a negative connotation, but it also has positive definitions as well (such as patriotic, etc). Nationalism in itself doesn't mean "Nazism" or "White Supremacy". Hitler was a Nazi and a racist, who just happened to be a nationalist.
    Trump supports "fair" trade (not "free" trade) like Bernie Sanders; but Clinton and the Democrats framed the narrative that Bernie Sanders was against "trade" (as in ALL trade) and that he supported "protectionist policies...and then used that same argument against Trump. Clinton told those bankers she supports "open trade and open borders", but (as Wikileaks showed) because Clinton has both a "public and private position", she never admitted that in any of the debates with Sanders or Trump. She is a "globalist" and Trump is a "nationalist" (America first is his motto). I see nothing at all EVIL about that.

    Trump's not anti-Semite (his son-in-law, daughter and grandchildren are Jewish). He doesn't hate Blacks, Muslims or's all hyperbole generated by people who are against his polices, such as adding 35% tariffs to American goods made overseas and imported here to sell. The Democrats have always used race and other divisive strategies to divide people on social issues to gain votes (gay marriage, abortion, trans-gender bathrooms, etc.) The Democrats complained about voter IDs to keep Blacks from voting (to be "all inclusive"), but didn't want Independents to vote in the primary because polls showed them leaning towards Sanders. I personally know how Nevada was rigged by Harry Reid.

    When all that wasn't enough, the Dems rigged elections and had their media totally bash Sanders on everything (calling him sexist, Socialist, etc.). They mischaracterized or outright lied about Sanders policy positions on the campaign trail (like they did with Trump). And as Wikileaks showed, Clinton was fed the questions for LIVE phone interviews on MSNBC and debate questions in advance from CNN...and had editorial rights for articles published in the New York Times and Politico... but never once did Clinton ever reject or report those infractions. Trump said: Can you imagine if that happened to me? They'd give me the electric chair!

    1. Now we have the Trump riots -- when it was the Democrats who had condemned Trump for not accepting the election results BEFORE the election, when now it's the Democrats who aren't accepting the results and adhering to a "peaceful transfer of power". Obama has done nothing but bash Trump since his first meeting with him in the White House, and then later while overseas in his "Denial Tour".

      And all the 24/7 bashing in the media about Trump's transition process (just 8 days after being elected) is just so over-the-top and beyond the pale when even David Axelrod (former Obama adviser) said it took Obama weeks before he announced any positions.

  13. Many Americans (not me) believe that EVERYONE (no limit), from ANY foreign country, has a U.S. Constitutional Right to migrate to the U.S.

    They believe it's OUR responsibility to take EVERYONE from ALL war-torn countries. Then what about all the other ongoing wars and conflicts around the world? Why is it so important to take refugees from Syria (possibly ISIS) when we already take them in from wars in Central America? It’s a great humanitarian gesture, and I won't debate the morality, but what about the economic and physical safety of us that are already living here? Don’t we have a say in the matter?

    The same for open borders. The alt-left all believe in them, I don’t, but it doesn’t make be racist. We bring refugees in and send jobs out...that makes no frigging sense at all to me. And guess what? Whenever one of their globalist/open borders multi-national corporations offshores those jobs, taxpayers pay the cost because the corporations get tax write-offs for the cost of moving their operation overseas. Is that INSANE or what?

    1. Corporations like unlimited immigration because it over-saturates the labor force and depresses wages and forces us to earn less while paying more for rent and food.

  14. #Trump: Would any patriotic law-abiding Muslim-Americans have a problem with this? If so, why?

    1) Don't "ban all Muslims" from immigrating to the U.S., only suspend the migration of "all citizens" from countries with a severe problem with ISIS. The U.S. can co-operate with countries in the region to accept these migrants and help finance this if necessary (humanitarian aide, etc.)

    2) Then, only use "extreme vetting" for people (of any faith) who believes in Shariah Law as opposed to those who believe in the U.S. Constitutional principal of Freedom of Religion and Democracy.

    3) Having a "national registry" for people who hold the strong belief in non-Constitutional values (Shariah Law) should not be UN-Constitutional if we want to protect U.S. Constitutional principals. This is not racism, it's patriotism.

    4) Step up surveillance and intelligence activities for those inside the U.S. who have current or past ties to those with ISIS sympathizers; and enact stricter laws that will punish those who don't report terrorist activities (just like the activities of any crime organization), because their silence would make them passive accomplices. This is not racism, it's common sense.

  15. #Trump: 1) Give INSTANT U.S. citizenship to #Dreamers. 2) Enforce the border (wall or no wall) 3) End sanctuary cities. 4) Only deport felons.

  16. Ending the minimum wage debate once and for all and forever!