Sunday, August 20, 2017

Dallas Counter-Protesters: "Oink, oink, bang bang!"

Trump haters

This is the hate speech of anti-police "counter-protesters" in Texas that CNN and MSNBC will never mention, because they also hate cops and Trump.

One, two three...fuck the police!

Cops and Klan go hand in hand!

Oink, oink, bang bang!"


Democrats of most strains (and many in the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which Senator Bernie Sanders co-founded) are nefarious and pompous self-righteous ideologues and ruthless narcissists who are chock-full of hubris; and if you ever disagree with one, most of the time they will lie and slander you as a hateful racist, even if it destroys your life.

The new progressives are not at all like the FDR progressives, but more like Communists, Socialists and anarchists. This is the FAR LEFT of the Democratic party now. Bernie Sanders was a "Democratic Socialist" when he ran in the Democratic primary, but used identity politics (like the Democrats always do) against Trump after Bernie sold out and endorsed the "moderate" Hillary Clinton, even though he now identifies more with this far left radical group. (Editor's note: That's when he lost me, when he endorsed Clinton. So I moved to Trump.)

Conservative Republicans, on the other hand, are either too ignorant or misinformed to be deviously nefarious, but many are just as selfish and mean. This is the FAR RIGHT of the party — such as the Congressional Freedom Caucus. The southern evangelicals (who are in this group) may not be "mean" per se, but could be considered religious ideologues in our secular society. Mike Pence is firmly in this camp. Trump, who was once a Democrat (when is was once pals with Oprah Winfrey before running as a Republican), needed this religious group to get himself elected.

But establishment (aka "moderate") Republicans — the ones that Trump ran against in the GOP primary, such as senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham — are a lot like the establishment strain of "moderate" Democrats (aka "Third Way" Democrats, born out of Bill Clinton's presidency). They are globalists who want open borders and unlimited H-1B visas for cheap labor, and many don't REALLY give a crap about minorities and workers, and many times only pay lip service to Constitutional Rights and Civil Rights (etc.), and only care about themselves, profits, power and ruling the world (or getting their smug faces on TV, like senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham).

And the establishment's "mainstream" media (e.g. CNN, MSNBC, etc.) is the propaganda arm of these globalists. Hillary Clinton is in this category, and this is who President Trump has been up against since he first ran for President. It was a miracle he got elected, and the establishment (on both the LEFT and the RIGHT) have never forgiven him or the American people for voting for him. Now they want their revenge - - - no matter at what cost or suffering to the American people.

The LEFT used to be "anti-globalist" but now support tech companies and globalists like Obama and Clinton. Weird! It pissed me off when I heard about Bernie Sanders' big mansion on the lake. (Yeah, yeah ... I already heard all the excuses as to where the money came from. BTW: How's that FBI investigation of his wife going?

Most establishment Democrats (and many in the other strains) use the anti-cop sentiment of the AltLeft and minorities to get votes and usurp power. They don't really give a $hit at all about the Alt-Left and minorities, only themselves.

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