Sunday, August 20, 2017

Translating Trumpenese for Trump

The one and only thing I could find in all of Trump's comments about Charlottesville Virginia (that could be misconstrued as controversial in any way) was when he had said:

"You have some very fine people on both sides." (Sources: Vox and Daily News)

IMAGE BELOW: I created a simple graphic to try and depict "the sides" at the White nationalist's Unite the White rally in Charlottesville — the "sides" that Trump had spoken of — which includes the "fine" people who came to protest for and against a Confederate statue (although the groups I identified might not be 100% accurate, but you get the general idea.)

You have some very fine people on both sides.

President Trump: "You have some very fine people on both sides."

That comment was taken by some people to mean Trump thought there were "fine Nazis". But translated from Trumpenese, he had been referring to the people who were only there to protest the removal of a Confederate statue (the fine people on the Right side) and the people who were only there to protest the KKK (the fine people on the Left side) — meaning, all those fine people on BOTH SIDES who didn't come to the rally with helmets, pepper spray, shields and clubs with the intention to riot, cause violence or damage property (or to kill somebody).

Those fine people that Trump had spoke of had only come to peacefully protest . . . some to protest the statute (those on the Left), and some to protest the removal of the statue (those on the Right).

If you vote for a Democrat, it doesn't mean you support cop-killers or communists; just like if you vote for a Republican, it doesn't mean you support killer-cops or racists. Meaning, just because the KKK supported Trump in 2016 (the same way they did Hillary Clinton in 2008 against Obama), it doesn't mean neither Clinton nor Trump supports the KKK. Those "fine" people would never support a racist group (although Clinton has been known to associate with Klan members.)

FYI: A hateful Nazi sympathizer drove all the way from Ohio to Virginia and killed Heather Heyer with his car; it was not a "fine" local man from Charlottesville who was only there to protest the removal of a Confederate statute.

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Trumpenese for Dummies


  1. UPDATE (based on comments I received via email)

    I don’t mean to defend Trump “PER SE” in any way - - - I was just disputing a claim from an email from "Social Security Works" where it said, "... the president’s disgusting defense of neo-Nazis in Charlottesville." That just isn’t accurate. It’s a lie.

    Anybody who believes this has every right to hate Trump for any reason they want. I just take offense that people (not just Trump) are falsely accused of being racists and Nazi sympathizers when they are not.

    60 million people voted for Trump and Clinton’s campaign and the media have all implied they are all racists and anti-Semitic. That’s total B.S. - - - - a lot of these people voted for Obama before. I hate seeing the race card always being played.

    CUT-AND-PASTE his exact comments where it shows Trump defends neo-Nazis . . . Don’t just tell me why you believe he does. Show me evidence. Example: Did he sign a bill making it legal to lynch African-Americans and Jews? Is their a video with him saying “I hate Blacks and Jews!”

    1. I’m not a hater! This is what the American media does . . . it lies and brainwashes people . . . and turns us against one another.

      In the 1930s Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Propaganda Minister, took over all of Germany's media outlets so that 99.99% of all the information was controlled by the State. They produced cheap radios so almost everyone in Germany could hear their hateful anti-Semitic Nazi spew. Germany had 4 TIMES more radios per household than any other country in the world, including the U.S.

      Today in America, 6 large corporations controls 90% of the information we get. They use propaganda just like the Nazis did. Now there are some people in the U.S. who are so indoctrinated, that no matter what you say, it won't matter...they will never be convinced otherwise, because they are so brainwashed . . . like the cult members in the Church of Scientology, or the people of Germany (like the Clinton cult).

      "There ain't no good guy, there ain't no bad guy; there's only you and me and we just disagree."

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