Thursday, August 24, 2017

Why America needs Fox News, now more than ever

How Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders drove me away from MSNBC and CNN — and into the arms of Fox News.

Fox and Friends rocks!

As a politically Independent person, just before the 2016 election, I didn't trust Fox News any more-or-less than any other media outlet. But now I fear where this country would be without Fox News as a counter-balance to all the other fake news I see on cable TV and online these days.

Most of the reporting is so one-sided and corrupt — such as colluding with a major political party and colluding to benefit a particular candidate. And to realize just how NON-objective and biased they are in their visceral, appalling and hateful coverage that they give our current President, it makes me FEAR what this country would be like without Fox News — because then all of our sources for information would be more in line with a STATE RUN media operation. As it is now, only six corporations controls 90% of the information we receive. That is very scary!

I realize that Fox News has always been fairly biased themselves, and they have always been more politically favorable to the GOP and conservatives. I believe that was one reason why Rupert Murdoch first founded this cable news company.

But by comparison, when compared to the cable news networks like CNN (who claims to be the most trusted and nicknamed the Clinton News Network), and MSNBC — both networks who are literally the propaganda arm of the Democratic party — Fox News REALLY IS more fair and balanced. At least nowadays I think so, because I used to be very critical of Fox News before Bernie Sanders ran for President.

It was then, during the 2016 election, when I realized that Fox News (out of ALL the cable news stations), while being critical, was also more fair to Bernie "the Socialist" Sanders than anyone else! I've also noticed that Fox News has become more credible in other news as well, much more so than they used to be. (Maybe that began after they got rid of the bomb-thrower Glenn Beck).

Since then, and lately, we have Tucker Carlson and Steve Hilton as nice additions, whereas Shepard Smith (who hates our President) should be on MSNBC. And Kat Timpf and Eboni Willimas are just plain "lame". I get a kick out of Jessie Watters (who was mentored by Bill O'Reilly) — but for me, Bill Reilly wasn't really a great loss when he was finally forced to resign. But Sean Hannity is still vital. I really like The Five with Greg Gutfeld, Kimberly Guilfoyle and Dana Perino (Juan Williams gets on my nerves, as does Geraldo Rivera). Fox and Friends has some of the nicest people (Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade and Ainsley Earhardt).

But MSNBC is HORRIBLE —even Morning Joe has gone very sour and mean; and CNN just plain sucks! Most of the time the demeanor and character of those people seems to be just mean-spirited, angry, critical, hyper-sensitive, petty, picky, thin-skinned, out-of-touch and gruesome — and full of slanderous smears and lies. (For contrast, look and see all the smiles and feel the friendliness and warmth you'll have on the early morning show of Fox and Friends.)

As a politically Independent person, I still don't trust either major political party. But it was the way the "mainstream" media (liberal media) treated Bernie Sanders that drove me to Trump. Ironically, I found many qualities in both Bernie and "The Donald" that I wish I could combine into a hybrid President (Too bad my old hero Bernie hates my new hero Trump.)

Sure, Trump has a few flaws. He's human and not perfect. He's not a life-time professional career politician. He's still new on the job, so he fumbles the ball sometimes. He's from Queens New York, so maybe he also mis-speaks sometimes. But he's also getting sabotaged by his own party and screwed by the corrupt Washington D.C. sewer-swamp, which refuses to be drained. But Trump's a fighter. They under-estimated him before. Maybe they are again.

I saw Trump work like a dog, criss-crossing the country in his jet, doing as many as four rallies a day — mostly all on his own with no help — all while Hillary Clinton napped or went to cushy fundraisers with her rich friends. I admired the way Trump fought hard and won the election. He deserved to win, he didn't buy his votes. Clinton deserved to lose. It's that simple.

I suspect that right now Trump's probably getting bad advice on healthcare and tax reform (probably from Paul Ryan and others) because they have their own secret agenda. And maybe Trump DOES have an axe to grind with Obama . . . but so what . . . I still would have voted for him before I'd ever vote for a despicable and sleazy and dishonest and traitorous politician like Hillary Clinton. The accurate contents of the leaked emails from Wikileaks proves that. (The DNC shouldn't have rigged the primary against Bernie.)

But the more the media, the Democrats and the jealous and hateful back-stabbing Republicans (and even Bernie Sanders) unfairly bashes our President, then the further into Trump's camp they'll drive me. They DO NOT do any service at all for this country by falsely reporting (24/7) that our President colluded with the Russians and that he is a hateful racist. That is disgusting and un-American. And the whole world sees this.

And that's why we need Fox News (and maybe Wikileaks too), now, more than ever. If not, we'd have had a criminal cult cartel running our country right now. We were lucky this time, we dodged a bullet. But the work is far from over. The radical Alt-Left is RESISTING the fair and legal and democratic election of Trump — and doing everything they can to bring him down. We need to have his back, because the "mainstream" media is also the enemy of the working-class people.

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