Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bud Meyers calls John Boehner a Despicable Liar...Again!

From Speaker John Boehner's newsletter to me today: 

"900 Days & Still No Budget from Senate Democrats" 

First of all, the budget is very low on the list of priorities for most Americans. Jobs and the economy are #1, and abortion bills are at the very bottom of the list.

How about: "10 Months & Still No Serious Jobs Bill from House Republicans"

(The text of John's email is in this color and my rebuttals are in this color.)

Stopping Washington from spending money it doesn't have is a key part of the Republican jobs plan. LIE! The GOP has been just as guilty of spending for decades. Now they want to cut services that the poor, unemployed, and sick people need, just to balance the budget, but not cut any defense spending that profits corporations.

The Democratic-led Senate, on the other hand, has now gone 900 days without passing a budget and is delaying action on more than a dozen House-passed jobs bills. In the Weekly Republican Address, Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) - a former small business owner - urged "the president to call on leaders in his party to follow the House, listen to the American people, stop pushing ideas we know won’t work, and pass these jobs bills." McCarthy also highlights potential areas where both parties can work together to remove barriers to job growth. LIE! "Listen to the American people"? Most people disagree with the GOP's "cut taxes on millionaires" plan.

Speaker Boehner highlighted the GOP jobs plan to remove government barriers to job growth, which includes several House-passed jobs bills that remain stuck in the Senate. LIE! Here's their damn "jobs bill"...

* Too Much Government Spending Results in Too Few Jobs LIE!
* More Taxation Will Not Create More Jobs LIE!
* Costly Regulations Cost Us American Jobs LIE!

On Fox News, Speaker Boehner said the American people expect both parties in Washington to work together and: "Stop the regulatory onslaught coming out of Washington. Fix this tax code so that American companies can be more competitive in a worldwide economy. And then thirdly, stop the overspending that’s serving as a wet blanket over our economy." LIE! We spend on the poor now only because it was the GOP's policies that put millions of Americans out of work in the first place. The CEOs of multi-national corporations haven't been suffering.

Whip McCarthy outlines several potential areas of common ground in the weekly address, including repealing the IRS three percent withholding tax (an item in the president's plan). LIE! "Common ground" is only cutting Social Security contributions by employers. But didn't the GOP say it was going broke and a Ponzi Scheme?

But while the House is focused on jobs, Speaker Boehner told the Washington Ideas Forum that President Obama has “thrown in the towel” and “decided to campaign full time.” LIE! The GOP has been focused on everything BUT 7 abortions bills.

With the White House failing to make any headway with job creators, the American people, and Senate Democrats, will President Obama finally work with Republicans to find common ground on removing barriers to job growth? LIE! Why do they keep saying "the American people"? I'm an American and I don't agree. And why do they keep calling the rich "job creators", when clearly they haven't been for a very long time. They should be called the "jobs cutters".

One of the bipartisan jobs bills passed by the House is supported by the general manager of a concrete factory that hosted President Obama in Cincinnati last month. LIE! Hilltop Basic Resources isn't just a small "mom-and-pop" cement factory, it's a HUGE tri-state corporation.

Another House-passed bill protects more than 300,000 workers from getting kicked off the job by eliminating unnecessary Washington restrictions and red tape. LIE! As usual, their plan is...

* Too Much Government Spending Results in Too Few Jobs LIE! i.e. food stamps, unemployment benefits, Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, SCHIP, disability...nothing is ever mentioned about DEFENSE spending.
* More Taxation Will Not Create More Jobs LIE! Millionaires and corporations are already paying record low taxes since 1950.
* Costly Regulations Cost Us American Jobs LIE! Only safely regulations on BIG corporations that put profits over people. We also need the FAA and the FDA too. BIG BUSINESS only wants to pay slave labor wages overseas with no restrictions at all, and to hell with worker's right or health and safety issues.

CBS News did a report on how the recently-passed trade agreements will help create thousands of new American jobs. LIE! More outsourcing of American jobs by large profitable corporations who don't want to pay a domestic living wage to American workers. They want to use more child labor and pay 50 cents an hour in sweat shops.

Speaker Boehner also discussed upcoming votes on a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) to the Constitution. Let's start by balancing Boehner's over-paid congressional salary!

In the weekly address, Whip McCarthy said, "We agree with the American people: No more budget tricks, no more accounting gimmicks, no more broken promises... that’s why we support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution." That's laughable! "No more budget tricks, no more accounting gimmicks, no more broken promises"? All politicians are liars.

Speaker Boehner's economic policy advisor dug into the recent unemployment report and found that a minority unemployment "epidemic" persists despite the president's "stimulus" promises. LIE! The GOP keeps harping about promises when McCain and Palin ran, they made promises too, and they wouldn't have done any better today. The GOP could care one rat's ass about "minority unemployment", and only uses it as a weapon against Obama.

He also found that since the failed "stimulus" spending bill was enacted, nearly 1.2 million jobs have been lost and the unemployment rate has averaged 9.4 percent. LIE! 21 million are unemployed because of the Bush tax cuts, de-regulation of the banks, greedy CEOs and the outsourcing of domestic jobs...and GOP economic policies for the past 40 years.

Witnesses told the Natural Resources Committee that the Obama Administration's de facto energy moratorium is driving down energy production and sending American jobs overseas. LIE! You just want to "drill baby drill" to further enrich your BIG OIL buddies because the cost of oil is high now.

Roughly one-third of small businesses cite uncertainty regarding ObamaCare as one of the top reasons they're not hiring, according to an Education & the Workforce Committee hearing. LIE! Most small businesses, according the the SBA, DO NOT feel this way at all. And large corporations who do pay the premiums for group medical coverage for their employees, are just looking for an excuse not to any more to give the CEOs another bonus.

The House held another hearing this week on legislation preventing the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) from imposing drastic new rules to significantly limit the rights of workers and employers, and place added burdens on American job creators. LIE! It was a union busting scheme by Boeing to undermine a labor union's ability to collectively bargain.

President Obama asked, "Does anybody really think that" rolling back excessive government regulations “is going to create jobs…?” Small business owners across the country have answered the president's question with a resounding "yes." LIE! As noted before.

Witnesses at a recent Small Business Committee hearing said small businesses are "troubled," and "confused" by excessive new regulations and restrictions coming out of Washington. LIE! As noted before. It's only LARGE corporate multi-nationals, many who pay no taxes at all, that want less controls put on them (like the banks). They are all just plain greedy, and John Boehner is a lying piece of SHT and a despicable liar.

* Please Note - I have hyper-links to blog posts that I've written about every single item mentioned above, but I didn't bother including them in this particular post. Even I get sick and tired of calling John Boehner a despicable liar. Besides, I would expect any clear-thinking American would be aware of this by now.

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  1. How do the Republicans always get away with blatantly catering to the rich and large corporations? They don't give a damn about the poor, working-class, or small businesses. I wish they'd all move to Texas and cede from the Union. Then the rest of country can get back to the business of "self-government" for "the people". Let the GOP run their little fascist country any way they like, without putting the rest of us on the streets.