Sunday, October 16, 2011

Herman Cain - A National Narcissistic Joke

nar·cis·sism (närs-szm) also nar·cism (-szm) n. - A psychological disorder
  1. Excessive love or admiration of oneself.
  2. A psychological condition characterized by self-preoccupation, lack of empathy, and unconscious deficits in self-esteem.
  3. The attribute of the human psyche characterized by the abnormal admiration of oneself.
  4. Out of touch with common people, cannot relate to, or with, the normal human condition.

Before Libya's Muammar Gaddafi went into hiding after an armed rebellion by the Libyan people (because he raped and pillaged the country), was the Libyan leader always going on national TV and telling his people, "That's what the people want."

The Republicans do, all the time. "That's what the American people want." Why are they always telling us what we want, when in fact, we don't want their same old crap at all! But yet, they still keep repeating that same mantra over and over again - as though maybe, if they say it often enough, they'll get a consensus of the people, and we'll start to believe them.

And that's what really pisses me off. The Republicans must really think that the American people are very, very, stupid. Are we? Or is it just Republican voters who are? But regardless, Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain must think I'm very stupid indeed!

And what's scary is, this week Herman Cain leads the pack with 27% of the Republican voters in the polls! That's an awful lot of dumb and stupid Americans, because there can't be that many Republican millionaires or corporate CEOs.

I wish Bill O'Reilly would get Body Language expert Tonya Reiman on his show and analyze Herman Cain, who rarely smiles and always licks his lips when he speaks in his interviews. He always seems to be so angry at the American people all the time. Why? Is it because we have the nerve to doubt his preposterous schemes?

Herman Cain was on Meet the Press this morning. He said the Liberals aren't mismanaging the economy, they're deliberately trying to destroy it (I'd say Bush and the Republicans already destroyed it...remember 2008?)

Herman Cain says with his 999 Tax Plan, taxes will go up for some "some people" [the poor], but that the cost of their goods and services will also go down, because there will be no more invisible taxes. (He used the "loaf of bread" economic theory.)

Herman Cain said the Occupy Wall Street people were "stupid" and protesting the wrong people, that they should be protesting at the White House for failed economic policies (I guess Herman Cain wasn't paying attention to what the banks and other corporations have been doing while he was making pizzas.)

And can Herman Cain read English? He says the people protesting Wall Street don't know what they want, but if Herman can read, all the protest signs in over 950 protests in 80 cities around the world are clearly stating the same thing...and that is what they DON'T want. It doesn't take a damn rocket scientist to figure that out. Maybe Americans aren't so stupid after all, maybe Herman Cain is.

If Herman Cain had read this Fox News article or had watched this un-aired Fox News interview, Herman Cain might have a much better understanding of what the "occupy" protesters (the 99%) were all about and what they want...and it's certainly not Herman Cain, or his screwy 999 Tax Plan (no matter how many times he tells us).

But yet, he tells the American people that "yes", that is exactly what we want. If Herman Cain really believes this, then he is just as out of touch with the 99% as the other 1% is.

The Herman Cain 999 Tax Plan is nothing more than a shell game: It taxes the poor more, and taxes the rich less, just like all the other Republican millionaires and their corporate hacks want to do. They are all narcissistic assholes.

(BELOW) Herman Cain - Then and Now

Besides Herman Cain, all the Republicans, and many Democrats, here's some more narcissistic Jokes...

# How many narcissists does it take to change a light bulb?
None, a narcissist will always manage to find someone else to carry out a menial chore like that.

# What is one way to irritate a narcissist?
Pretend to enjoy doing the lowly menial chores which the narcissist has given you to do. It will make the narcissist think that he or she is missing out on something.

# What's a narcissist's idea of being a "slave"?
Not being able to boss everyone else about.

# What is a narcissist's idea of equality?
Being equally bossy to everyone else

# Why does a narcissist find it so difficult to empathize with others?
Because he (or she) is always so busy empathizing with himself (or herself)

# What's a narcissist's definition of "rubbish"?
(like social programs) Items which take up space in the narcissist's house but which belongs to someone other than the narcissist.

# What's a narcissist's idea of generosity?
Giving away things which the narcissist considers to be rubbish.

# What do you call a narcissist who is never envious of others?

# What is a narcissist's idea of being abused?
Occasionally having to go along with someone else's preferences.

# Why do narcissists indulge in projection?
It's not narcissists that indulge in projection, its you that indulges in projection. - you are so devoid of empathy and you always want lots of attention and if I dare to criticize you, you always fly off the handle and you go on and on and on about it and you never let me get a word in edge-wise and as well as that you are always being charming to people when they are present and later on you always want to criticize them behind their backs! (pause for a deep breath)

# What's a narcissist's idea of hard work?
Arranging for lots of other people to do all the chores.

# Why does a narcissist find it tiring to have lots of visitors?
Who said that acting wasn't tiring? (the narcissist has to present a false image to those whom he/she feels the need to impress. However, if the visitors stay long enough the narcissist might eventually let his/her guard down (and the visitors might see a truer picture).

# Why do narcissists feel the need to control other people?
Perhaps it makes up for them not being able to control themselves.

# What do you call a narcissist who can graciously accept criticism or blame?

# What do you call a narcissist who can get through a whole day without criticizing someone?
Unfeasible! Narcissists have to criticize others incessantly, despite the fact that they cannot bear to receive criticism.

# How can you tell when a narcissist is telling lies?
His/her lips are moving (narcissists feel a need to lie. It is regarded as an intrinsic part of his/her defenses)

# What's a narcissist's idea of compromise?
Persuading others to go along with the narcissist's preferences.

# What do you call a narcissist who is never vengeful?
A myth.

# Why does a narcissist often fail to keep his/her word?
Because a narcissist's promise is the narcissist's own property. So the narcissist has a right to break his/her promise if he/she wishes.

# What do you call a narcissist who learns to empathize with other people?
Cured! (the inability to empathize properly with others is a key feature of pathological narcissism)


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