Saturday, January 23, 2016

Conservatives chose Sanders as 2nd choice behind Trump

Of course, that's assuming more conservatives and Republicans (rather than liberals, progressives and Democrats) visit this conservative website. I'm guessing they do, because they chose Donald Trump as their 1st choice.

The conservative Drudge Report originated in 1996 and was the first news source to break the Monica Lewinsky scandal to the public about the stained blue dress after Newsweek (then owned by the Washington Post, who broke the Watergate story) refused to publish the story.

A House committee recommended Richard Nixon's impeachment for the Watergate scandal (but he resigned before the House had voted) — and the House subsequently impeached Bill Clinton (but was acquitted by the Senate.)

The Drudge Report's latest president poll (now closed after a total of 1,146,609 votes) shows who their readers picked for our next president (choosing Sanders as their 2nd choice). Every single liberal/progressive website's poll also shows Bernie ahead of Hillary by landslides.

That Drudge Report poll is very relevant, because it shows what "people" think and want, and not what establishment politicians (those who are already inside the political system) think and want. The following article explains why Bernie Sanders does so well in all the online polls (listed below) when matched up to Hillary Clinton: Bernie Sanders gets group endorsements when Members decide; Hillary Clinton does when the Leaders decide. In other words, if it were just the editors at the Drudge Report who voted on their poll, I doubt very much Bernie Sanders would have rated 2nd choice — or that Hillary Clinton would have even gotten ONE SINGLE VOTE.

Online Polls Results for the Fourth Democratic Debate

  • Time: Bernie Sanders 86% - Hillary Clinton 10% - Martin O'Malley 3%
  • Syracuse.Com: Bernie Sanders 90.54% - Hillary Clinton 6.56% - Martin O'Malley 2.9%
  • Fox5 San Diego: Bernie Sanders 93.5% - Hillary Clinton 6.56% - Martin O'Malley 4.6%
  • The Slate: Bernie Sanders 86% - Hillary Clinton 10% - Martin O'Malley 2%
  • Heavy.Com: Bernie Sanders 89.8% - Hillary Clinton 5.45% - Martin O'Malley 1.73%
  • NJ.Com: Bernie Sanders 91.87% - Hillary Clinton 8.47% - Martin O'Malley 1.44%
  • Knox News: Bernie Sanders 77% - Hillary Clinton 15% - Martin O'Malley 8%
  • Ceasar Daily: Bernie Sanders 97% - Hillary Clinton 2% - Martin O'Malley 1%

Results from all other Previous Online Polls:

And it doesn't end there. When African-Americans get to know Bernie Sanders better — such as at the Presidential Justice Forum — they like him too. After the forum their straw poll showed that Bernie beat Hillary by a whopping 42 points — 65% to 23%. Blacks who don't remember Clinton's past are condemned to repeat it. Reparations? That's a false argument. Via Shaun King at the New York Daily News (January 22, 2016):

"Not a single presidential candidate, or any nationally known politician currently advocates reparations for African-Americans. Not one. That's why I find it peculiar, at best, when I see Ta-Nehisi Coates and many others blasting Bernie Sanders for saying he opposes them. President Obama, the most powerful politician in the world, has privately and publicly opposed them for eight straight years, but Coates was relatively silent about that." (Shaun King supports Bernie Sanders).

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders

Excerpts via The Guardian: Trump and Sanders lead two-headed insurgency against establishment:

We’re in an era when nobody likes anything and the two people most vocal about not liking things are Trump and Sanders. They are two sides of the same coin. Neil Levesque, executive director of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College, said:

"I talk to many people whose first choice is Trump and second choice is Sanders, even though they’re diametrically opposed. People feel Trump is saying what they think, and if you asked supporters of Sanders, one word they would use is ‘authenticity’. A lot of this is the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street. Those were the seeds and now the grass is growing."

At a recent Democratic debate, Clinton presented herself as a continuity candidate barely distinguishable from Obama – hardly a cri de cœur at the best of times. Angus Johnston, a historian of student activism based at City University of New York, said:

"Clinton has been wrapping herself in the Obama presidency and presenting herself as the successor but, in a lot of ways, Sanders’s campaign looks a lot more like Obama’s in 2008 than Clinton’s does. I’m seeing in young people’s debates it’s ‘pragmatic and practical’ versus ‘let’s shoot for the stars’ because the Obama administration has not been the transformational force they hoped it would be. Sanders is clearly responding to the energy coming off recent campus protests and channeling it in his own way. The further we go into this campaign, the clearer it becomes that Sanders is not really a socialist. He’s a liberal Democrat and, win or lose, he’s in the mainstream of the left wing of the Democratic party."

But the establishment elders are not taking the parallel rebellions lying down. Clinton, who has husband Bill on her side and remains popular among African Americans and Hispanics, has unleashed a series of attacks on Sanders in the past week. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) said:

"In the Bernie world, big banks are out to get you and the rich guy’s screwing you over. In Trump’s world, the illegal immigrants are going to sell your kids drugs and rape your wife, and foreigners are going to take your jobs. This has happened before when people had economic anxiety but it never pans out ... That’s why I think Jeb is very viable. This is a fad that will pass. The anger is real but the solutions make no sense. We can’t have 90% tax rates and, on the Republican side, we can’t insult everybody in the world and become president of the United States."

My Note: The author of that article at the Guardian should have added a disclaimer to Lindsey Graham's false claim about a 90% tax rate, or readers may believe it to be true. Bernie Sanders WILL NOT raise the tax rate to 90%. He might only tax the super rich 50% (not 90%). The super-rich only pay 23.8% (on capital gains), but regular wages are taxed up to 39.6% — and the super-rich don't pay Social Security taxes on their capital gains income — and nobody earning $118,500 or more a year pays this tax on 100% of their wages. Bernie might eliminate this "cap". But it's all fear-mongering anyway, because the Republicans (and the Clintons) know that with a GOP Congress, none of this will become a reality.

Bill Clinton campaigns for 8 more years.


  1. The L.A. Times recently played down Bill Clinton's impeachment by calling his acts in office "Clinton melodramas" -- and implying that the stained blue dress was nothing more than a "Monica Lewinsky soap opera" -- and that this is all just "old news".

    But we know it was much more than that; but to complain would make someone "a Clinton hater" -- or for a man to complain about Hillary specifically would them a "misogynist". (FYI: I love Elizabeth Warren).

    She and her husband have both in the pockets of the banks (as the New York Times pointed out) to the tune of $125 million with their speeches since 2001 to the present. Hillary is not just a "grandma"; she is a ruthless and scheming politico.

  2. According to Graham "We can’t have 90% tax rates". We had a 90% tax rate from 1944 to 1964. I don't remember that the country fell apart during this period.

  3. There where also a whole lot more write offs to encourage those high earners to donate their money to lower their tax burden. Rich and Companies especially don't donate nearly as much as they used to, to charitable causes because the write offs are gone.